Garlic Mustard Challenge- Let's Pull 200,000 lbs by June 15th!

megoblueJune 3, 2009

Join us in the battle against garlic mustard in The Stewardship Network's Garlic Mustard Challenge!

I work for The Stewardship Network and we have been holding an annual Garlic Mustard Challenge- last year we pulled 128,000 lbs and this year our goal is 200,000 lbs of pulled garlic mustard! On sites that have been pulled durign the Challenge over the years there have been visible impacts- such as decreasing size and health of the plants, decreasing numbers, and most importantly return of the native fauna. Check out this quote from one of our participants from Oakland County, Michigan:

"After nearly 5 years of garlic mustard pulling -- thanks to the efforts of a single community volunteer, Howard Knorr, this spring we saw trout lilies growing back in the riparian floodplain like never before! 'I've never seen trout lilies here before! It's just always been garlic mustard,' Howard commented when we first walked through our work area. We're all looking forward to seeing what else is coming back in this area as the spring progresses. I think this is a great success story on the battle against garlic mustard."

-Heather Huffstutler

Please report your bags/pounds of pulled garlic mustard to our website so they can be counted towards the 200,000 lb goal!

Also, check out the most recent updates on The Stewardship Network's Garlic Mustard Challenge:

Please report your bags, and help us stamp out this nasty invasive!!

Meghan Hendricks

The Stewardship Network

Here is a link that might be useful: Check out the latest updates on the 2009 Garlic Mustard Challenge!

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Don't be discriminatory! Go ahead and pull the privet, kudzu, multiflora rose, and poison ivy while you're at it.

    Bookmark   June 3, 2009 at 4:35PM
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