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fenix409(Zone 5)June 21, 2009

I've recently started a garden and was thinking of incorporating native plants into using cuttings, or possibly transplants. I took a walk around the fields and woods near the house and took pictures of some of the plants I'd like. I noticed quite a few I didn't know the names of but was able to identify a few (like the tartarian honeysuckle that's in abundance around here - which is an invasive species I guess), but a few still allude me. I was wondering if anyone could help identify the following plants:

This was growing everywhere, it's a shrub, 3-5 feet high, no flowers, stiff, almost waxy leaves, and odd shaped berries that are still green.

And the berries (possibly buds?):

Then there was what appeared to be a shrub, but was actually several short plants in a cluster. I was thinking young beech trees, but was told beech trees don't get flowers, and this plant had flowers.

Lastly, there were a few of these flowers growing near some burdock, but I didn't think they were burdock flowers.

Any clues? Thanks!

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lycopus(z5 NY)

The second one is Prunus virginiana, or chokecherry

The last one might be Cynoglossum officinale, or Hound's Tongue.

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fenix409(Zone 5)

lycopus - Thank you so much. The second one is definitely hound's tongue. We have dogs and burs are a real problem--now I know where they're coming from! I just went out and cut them all down, including the burdock they were growing near. I'm hoping this will also help the raspberries they were growing around get more water, less competition.

I've never heard of chokecherries growing in this area, but if that's what it is I'm excited--I'll make jelly! I'll definitely try to get some cuttings to grow to plant in my garden. Again, thanks for the info!

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