Nanking Cherries

melbeu(4a/4b WI)September 2, 2006

I moved into a new home in December and my spring and summer has been filled with wonderful surprises in the garden, one of which is 2 huge nanking cherry bushes and here is my problem...I had maybe 5 flowers?? They are about 8-9ft tall and spread some 20 feet across together. I am not sure what to do. Are they maybe to old and no longer fruiting? Any advice would be appreciated!

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I don't really know so I looked it up. Nanking cherry can be a short lived shrub, it also needs full sun.
It very possible that a late frost halted the development of the buds. I have an amsonia that didn't flower this year. April was too warm, and if my memory is correct, there was a frost after weeks of warmish weather.

I wouldn't assume that it's age until it starts declining in obvious ways. Find out when it's best to fertilize, get a good fertilizer, and hope for a better spring next year. You could also cover it with a tarp when there is a late frost.

Look at the fourth post down in the link.

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Hey, i've been cited! LOL Thanks, Janet!

I was just looking at this forum because i wanted to email the address to my brother-in-law from Wisconsin. Hopefully, you'll shortly see him here - he's retiring and wants to start gardening, so i'm enabling him! :)

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Good girl! We can always use more gardeners.

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I just purchased some Nanking Cherrie shrubs last year so mine are still quite small. Janet may be correct about the late frost because mine had very few blossoms also. The other thing that I am wondering about with an old shrub is that maybe it needs some renewal pruning. I'm not absolutly certain if this is the correct method with the nanking cherry, but for most old shrubs it is helpful to prune out the thickest oldest branches from the middle of the shrub. Just do a few each year, this allows the new branches to develop. This is best done in the winter before the buds start to form. Like durring one of our Feb thaws.

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