Father Dom's Duck Doo compost

gunnysax(Zone 5 ~ SE Wi)October 31, 2006

Hello Wi gardeners. I use this compost on my raised beds every spring. A fellow co-worker told me I should be putting compost on the beds in the fall instead.
What would you fellow gardeners here in Wi suggest?

Thanks to anyone who replys. Judy

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Most compost I mix in my beds in the Spring. I do put compost around my roses in Fall, just to protect them more. But my beds have full grown plants in Fall so it's just easier to mix it in or lay it on top in the Spring.
Just my way of doing things. :)


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Bob_Zn5(Z5 WI)

Father Doms drains pretty freely so as long as you don't cover the crowns of the plants, its unlikely to cause rot. I expect a layer between the plants will help protect them from heaving so a fall application would be beneficial. We got some this Spring & I found it real handy around seedlings in the veg garden. Boerner Botanic Gardens was selling it pretty cheap to members. I don't know if they plan to do that again.

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I haven't used his product but he's right here in Kenosha. His garden is very nice.

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mgmb(z5 Madison WI)

Father Doms rocks as a summer mulch - very tidy looking and easy to spread. THe exorbitant price is semi made up for by the fact that is is for a charity. On the winter mulch, don't put it down until the ground freezes. I hardly used any last year and luckily there was a decent snow cover. Mulch for summer I think is key especially with our clay-ish soil, it keeps that crust from forming and improves soil structure. If you have or can get a chipper to shred it, leaf mulch is the best and cheapest mulch - good nutrients, good looking. Do NOT use cocoa shells - they mildew and look like crap. Bark mulch is ok for shrubs but a major hassle if you want to continue planting/replanting in that bed. Also, as it breaks down it steals nitrogen so use plenty of bloodmeal or other nitro fertilizer if you use the bark. Well that's all my unsolicited advice for now....

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

I usually put my homemade compost on my beds as a mulch in early June (after the soil has warmed) and then again around late August as it starts to get thin. That is, unless I'm making a new bed. Then it goes on right away.


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I usually put compost on in fall and spring if there is room. In fall I also trench compost whatever vegi's and fruits I have on hand. Basically dig a hole or trench, throw the green stuff in, and bury it. By planting time it is broken down and worms have loosened the soil for me. I don't have to till!!


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