what worked, what didn't?

pondwelr(z5 WI)October 29, 2012

This has been such a stressful year for all growing things in my city garden. I lost four hosta, one lovely blue spruce

about 13 years old, and various perennials that I planted two years ago. What few veggies I planted were eaten by deer. What watering I did was to all the trees on my lot.

Didn't worry about the lawn.

How did you all cope with the heat and drought? Any particular plants, shrubs or trees that did particularly well? Pass on the names and species, if so. I think this weather is here to stay for my lifetime, at least. Pondy

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Seemed like all I did was watered my rose, trees, shrubs, etc. & it didn't help that the city redid the streets by my house so I had 6 Ivory Silk Japanese tree lilacs as street trees that I was trying to save. So far all look OK but only time will tell. Several veggies & herbs were bitter or strong flavored which I blame on the heat. The one positive thing is that I found a new Japanese beetle pesticide that looks like a significant improvement over anything else I've used on my roses so I'm excited about trying that for a full season next year.

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