White Deer near Boulder Junction

KatOctober 7, 2007

Did anyone see the article in the Journal Sentinel about the white deer in Boulder Junction? When we go on vacation we go fishing at Wild Cat Lake in Boulder Junction. We've never seen these deer though. The pics are beautiful. I wish they had more. These are white deer with blue eyes, so they aren't albinos.

The link for the article is below.


Here is a link that might be useful: White Deer in the Great Upnorth

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They are really interesting.

Did you see the slide show?

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Thanks for pointing that out Janet. I missed the slide show the 1st time I looked. This past summer when we were up there, we saw a lot of deer, especially fawns, but never a white one. This next summer when we go up there, we're just going to have to take some rides in that area.


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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

If you fish Wildcat Lake, you are very close to the deer. I stayed on High Lake over a number of years and seeing the white deer was always a highlight (even better than the "Lights of Paulding").


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Thanks TJ. I'll keep High Lake in mind next summer. We like to try fishing at least 1 different lake each summer. Then we can drive around that area too. Btw, what are the 'Lights of Paulding'?


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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

The deer are usually east of Hwy M between Boulder and Hwy B. At least that's where I've seen them.


Here is a link that might be useful: Lights of Paulding

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hi all,
Haven't heard of the Paulding lights in years. I used to live about half hour away from them....really wierd!

About the deer. I haven't seen the white one, but have seen a piebald fawn. my friend got this picture...
I can't figure out how to post a link to webshots...everything gives me an error here......???
but I did manage to link to it, but it's a small picture.put on your glasses! )Sorry):-((
We go highway O to stevens point to shop. I'll watch for the white one and try for a picture.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks for the link on the lights TJ. They sound interesting to see. We go to BJ from Woodruff and take 51 to M. Hubby loves hwy M. The color is Fall on that hwy is beautiful.
Marcia, I couldn't see the deer that well, but it looks like it's multi-colored. Is that right? Are they in Wisconsin too?


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It is multi-colored...browns and white.
I live in Day, which isn't on the map, but near Rozelville. M and highway C. We drive highway C east to O and then south to boulder Junction. I saw him 2 times earlier this spring. My friend saw him and got the picture. He's about 5 miles north of Boulder Junction, on O and north of hwy 10.

And the paulding lights....Are really neat. Just north of Watersmeet. Can't see it in the daytime...but at night if it's really quiet, the light comes very close. We went snowmobiling there 1 year...and in Jan. in zero weather, that light looked like it was 10 feet from us. and about the size of a basketball. other times it is about tennis ball size. There are a lot of legends. about it. Has been on unsolved mysteries too.

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Marcia are you thinking Junction City instead of Boulder Junction?


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Oh my GOSH ! yes, Junction City.....

I'm sorry!
Juntion City just west of Point.
:-((((((((((( Marcia
And I was hoping to see the white one now....:-((

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I've heard about the white deer near Boulder Junction for years now. There is a mounted one in Three Lakes.

And I've finally seen the Paulding lights twice now, the last time 2 weeks ago.
My brother got a USGS topographical map out and saw that approx. 5 miles due north of the barrier where we stand to see the lights, is a section of Hwy. 45 which rises up to a hill. The lights that we see are headlights and tail lights of cars on Hwy. 45.
I hate to believe it but it sure is logical. Also, we went a few weeks ago during the Biker Run and some guys there had a telescope; they said they could see quite definitely that the lights were headlights.

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Periwinkle, in the article it says the white deer are protected and can't be hunted. I'm surprised someone would have a white one mounted. I remember a few years ago a guy had shot one and he got fined big-time.


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Kat, generally the mounted ones are accidently killed and donated. Eagle River library has one, too. In Wisconsin it is illegal to kill any white deer, regardless of eye color. In Michigan, you can kill white deer except albinos.

Denise, the Paulding lights have been extensively investigated, and I'm not sure anyone's conclusively proved just what they are! If you're interested in spooky, eerie places, go to Summerwind. Very cool! Way more interesting than Paulding lights, IMHO.

Nice to see you guys out there~~


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Constance, where's Summerwind? Never heard of that.


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