Jack in the Pulpits discovery!

dkgarberJune 1, 2008

I manage to uncover a new plant every day!! I am just now getting to some cleared woods in the back of my yard, and I was thrilled to find many jack in the pulpits. I never would have known what they were if not for everyone gushing over them in this forum. My husband laughed at me when I started jumping all around the yard. The weeds have dominated most of the years, but now that we've pulled the multiflora rose and honeysuckle, its a treasure chest!!!

I'd like to move them to an area closer to the front of the bed--keeping the same partial sun/shade conditions...

2 questions:

1. would they do well in a pot for "storage" until I can find a permanent home for them?

2. how tricky are they to move? I've moved some other wild natives with not much luck.

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ontheteam(5a-6 (S.Eastern, MA))

I have no advice to give you.. but am doing the happy dance for you! Very cool!

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Oooo nice! I know that feeling!

I got excited today when I found a whole grove of Pink Lady Slippers at the park. And they are not even mine or anything.

To answer your q's.
1. I had my first JITP in a container all year last year to make sure it survives after the reconstruction of the woodland garden and it is doing fine now. Had a bit of trouble transplanting it though. It didn't bloom this year because last year I transplanted it way too early. Hey, I'm a teenager. I'm impatient.

2. I moved about 14 of them last year. Worse thing that happened was them getting hit by a branch from a tree and bending the largest. But its still growing and the berries are just showing.

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Fine to keep in a pot for a year. Easy to move, just make sure you get the corm at the end of the stem (should be a white lump).

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Congratulations! Isn't it great to discover treasures in the woods!! Esh is correct; they do fine in pots for a while. I have even grown them from seed in pots...have some that need to be repotted right now because they have outgrown the original containers. Last week on a rescue I found the biggest Jack I had ever seen...about three feet tall with a spread of at least 24"! Yes, I brought it home...a big shame if the bulldozers got that one. Now, let's just hope it comes back as big as it is right now. Another comment/question: At this rescue there were yellow, green, and maroon blooms on the Jacks. Does anyone know why the variation?

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We have had some discussion in Georgia about those different colored blooms. It seems we can only find 5 leaved ones with green blooms, but the 3 leaved ones have purple ones (maybe green too). Was that big one a 5 leaved jack? Mine are that big too. And they've been in a pot for 3-4 years (I feel so bad about that).

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The giant Jack had only three leaves, reminiscent of a Colocasia! We did find some smaller Jacks with five leaves, some with four, but that was in another part of this very large property. You did not mention the yellow blooms. I don't see that in the Piedmont, but there were many small Jacks with yellow, as well as the green and the maroon. Diversity by Mother Nature, I guess.

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Yellow and green might be a subjective difference (especially to one who hasn't seen it). Yellow might just be a pale version of the green? And yes, mutations have start somewhere!

Any chance of a photo or are they all done?

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Daughter borrowed the camera, so I cannot take any photos...and don't know when I will get back there but hopefully before the developer owns it at the end of June. Maybe next year, but sometimes the plants change color when I put them in the soil here in the Piedmont. These were yellow for sure. I have seen them around here a light green, almost translucent, and could be considered yellow, but those in the mts. were really yellow!

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cynandjon(Z 5/6)

I love Jacks.We have a lot in our woods.
I recently learned (while attending a lecture by our local Naturalist)that Jacks are male the first 3 years of their lives then become female. Thought that was interesting, thought I would share.

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I also was just told that the Jills have two leaves. They are still Jacks when they have one leaf, and even if they flower, that flower will not produce viable seeds. I am keeping watch over my plants to see if this information can be verified on my property. So far, it seems to be true.

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krazyaroider(Hamburg, NY 14075 Zone 6)

I would like to take the opportunity to inform you of the Arisaema Enthusiast Group - just google the preceding three words and you will find it. There is a a lot of information on Arisaema- L, the section where members can post information on Arisaemas.

Arisaema is the Genus name for this interesting group of Aroids.

Ncrescue - Do you have any seeds from that Jack that is 3 feet tall? Even better, are there offsets around where the 3 footer was growing? I have been looking for this one!
I have/grow/propagate many Asian Arisaemas, if you are interested in some...

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Would any of you be intrested in a postage for plant with me? I love Jacks. only not to be found anywhere around me. I have a huge area under the trees in my backyard. E-mail me if intrested.

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