How to ween overwatered tomatoes..Plants look OK right now.

phelansmomJuly 19, 2012

After reading a tomato book for fun today I realized I might be overwatering (2.5 gallons of water every 3 days)..they are planted individually in 25 gallon Black fabric Smart Pots. Plants look pretty healthy with tons of blossoms plus a few leaves with leaf curl particularly my Sunset's Red Horizon. The Chocolate Amazon and Snow White Cherry Tomato is starting to fruit so I am panicking that my oversight will cause the tomatoes to crack..this happened to me last year and now I know why.

I have purchased a water meter but how do I ween the plants? Sidenote the plants are faceing southwest near my fence..I was worried about reflective heat plus weather has been 92-102 degrees for weeks so used cheesecloth to offer shade.

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if there looking good and there is no problems i would say keep doing what your doing. the book was written before smart pots came around. i dont use them but they look like they would use more water anyways.

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Get the plants to a meeting and make sure they keep in contact with their sponsor.

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In 25 gallon smart pots it would be IMPOSSIBLE to over water unless you have them in some heavy regular soil then maybe.

But large smart pots in potting mix? You can water 2+ gallons a day every day.
I only have 15 gallon pots not smart pots but they drain very well and in potting mix and I water mine every single day 7 days a week and when its over 95 I water at least twice a day.

You can get a little cracking on top but when it is this hot you really don't have much choice.

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I am using Black Gold potting soil. I will start checking the soil with a moisture meter..hopefully that will help.

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That could be your problem if indeed you have a problem.

Should always use "Potting Mix" not "Soil"
The mix drains WAY better.

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