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kevinbctJune 11, 2013

found this plant behind the garage in the shade near the woods border, looks like some sort of phlox to me, anyone know sort of plant this is?

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Could you show a closer picture of the leaves? If it is Phlox, the leaves should be opposite one another on the stem. This appears to be alternate leaf arrangement.

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thanks esh here's a close up.

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I think it is dame's rocket, Hesperis matronalis, which is not native to the US.

Here is a link that might be useful: dame's rocket

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woods_man(6b MO)

It's definitely dames rocket. It can proliferate abundantly given the right woodland setting, which can be beautiful during it's peak bloom, but which can crowd out other less rambunctious woodland plants, so be sure to control it if it's in an area with valuable woodland plantings.

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Here in Brazil the commum name is "Ladie Kiss" or ""Turkey Kiss"
look this picture that i found in another site, i think they are very similar, is not?

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fredilino - your picture shows Impatiens. This is not the same plant mentioned in the above thread, nor is it related.

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