September Morn question for roselee

ruthzJuly 3, 2012

I had my September Morn (band) delivered around the first of March I think.

I have it in a pot, keep it watered good and have fertilized a little. It gets a few hours of sun a day.

It dosen't seem to be growing much and has had one puny bloom.

Maybe I need to fertilize more or find a spot with more sun.

I know you grow yours in a pot.

Can you share with me what you did the first 6 months or so to get it going.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Hi Ruth! My September Morn was received as a band from Rogue Valley Roses Feb. 8, 2011. It was planted in a five gallon pot w/Miraclegro potting soil and placed in FULL sun. It grew pretty fast and I soon transplanted it into a still larger container. It produced big flowers the first summer. I remember posting in August about how well the flowers took the heat.

I think it does benefit from fertilizing, but be sure you provide PLENTY of water. Through the year I fed Miraclegro liquid fertizer, fish emulsion and sea weed solution, and also the 3 mo. pelleted kind -- but not all at the same time!

So from my experience I think it could use full sun and maybe a little fertilizer although I'd take it slow on the fertilizer in this heat. It's a great rose! Keep me posted on how it does for you.

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You have a large number of plants in containers. Do you hand water them all or have them on some kind of drip system?


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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Hi Teri! A few very large containers along the fence have drip lines running to them, but for the most part the containers are hand watered every other day, or two and a half days, in the height of summer.

I keep a thick layer of mulch in the pots to keep them from drying out too fast and also so the soil doesn't splash out when they are watered with the hose at high pressure. I often use a watering wand so not a drop is wasted going from pot to pot.

If there is doubt whether they are in need of water a inexpensive moisture meter is used to gauge the moisure content a few inches down.

Care must be taken to be sure there is good drainage and water doesn't stand in the pots. I've lost a few plants when I didn't notice that the holes had stopped up.

Also one has to watch that the water isn't running down the sides of the pot where dry soil has pulled away and therefore the root ball is not getting water. This is where the moisture meter is a great help also.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

The yuccas and cacti, etc. in pots get watered about once a week, but they can go longer.

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