jungseed(z4b & z2b)November 19, 2009

Anyone have any of the new 2010 catalogs in their mail box yet? I have heard that Pine Tree and Stokes are out. I don't get those, so I'm not sure. Also heard that SSE is out. I have not recieved my copy yet. Maybe it will be in the mail when I get home.


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I have Pinetree and Seed Savers so far. Still waiting for the Jung's catalogue! I drive by your northside store in Madison on my way home. Maybe I'll have to stop and pick one up.


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jungseed(z4b & z2b)

You can wait on picking one up. They don't have them yet. Our catalog writer just approved the proofs for the printer yesterday. I'd guess 3 more weeks.
(Just because I'm a mean person, ask my kid) I'll tell you that I've had a proof set on my desk all week.
If you have Seed Savers and I don't I wonder if other people in the state have it? Maybe they dropped me from the mailing list.

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