Removing the stuck blossom on developing tomatoes

sharonrossyJuly 14, 2014

I know this sounds like a ridiculous question, but in order to avoid or reduce cat facing, those blossoms that stick to the developing tomatoes, sometimes in weird places on the fruit, should those be removed or left alone?

I was just checking my plants, finally getting some decent fruit going, and I can see that some are going to have cat-facing. I also see the blossoms stuck and wondered about it. When I looked up cat facing it mentions that it happens when the blossom sticks because of cooler temps during development. Although we had a couple of cool nights, I guess it must have had some effect. So do I leave well enough alone?

Thanks, always something to learn!

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I don't know if there's a right or wrong answer to your question.

Personally, if I can see the tomato and the blossom is just stuck on the end of the fruit, I'll remove the blossom in a gentle manner. If the blossom won't come off, I'll just leave it.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Those clinging blossoms on developing fruit will fall of eventually, so just leave them alone.

They have nothing at all to do with catfacing since that occurs when blossoms are pollinated under several circumstances, and without pollination and fruit set you wouldn't have the nice immature fruits that you have right now. ( smile)


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Thanks, I figured as much. Also heirloom tomatoes aren't meant to be picture perfect as far as I can tell.

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