Spanish Bluebells / English Bluebells in woodlands

tomasincasJune 29, 2006

Has anyone heard anything on telling the differences between each type ?? I have some info , but , want to see if anyone else has anything on them...I heard that on English Bluebells , the flowers all grow on the same side of the stalk and cause the stems to curve downward and on Spanish Blubells the flowers grow all around and the stock stems seem to be straight...also that English Bluebells usually grow in the woods and Spanish do not...I have both, but there both growing in the woods. tnx.... Tom

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Barbaraga(GA 7a)

I have spanish bluebells growing in the woodland. Most areas receive too much shade and the foliage just flops and smothers smaller plants and I attempt to dig those out each year, but they are prolific from any tiny bulb left in the ground. The ones in a sunnier area with perhaps an hour of sun each day bloom pretty well.

I'm pretty sure I read in a catalog the same as you state, that the english bluebells have flowers on one side of the stalk.

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