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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)November 9, 2008

Thought I give this a try as it always nice to see what people plant in Wisconsin. Better yet, to find someone that planted a specific plant and you can get a good photo of it. I always struggle with getting photos for various plants.

Below is what I have planted (for what I can remember). Feel free to ask for photos. Anyone else?

Arborvitae - Dwarf Globe

Azela - Rosebud

Barberry - Crimson Pigmy, Dwarf Yellow

Birch - River Birch multi, Hertigage Birch Single stem

Burning Bush - Dwarf

Cherry- Purple Sand Cherry, Pin Cherry

Chokecherry - black, iroquis

Coneflower - Purple, Dwarf Purple

Coral Bells - Plum Pudding

Coreposis - Zagreb

Crabapple - Coraburst

Daisy - Shasta

Daylilly - Stella, Lil Wine Cup

Dogwood - Ivory Halo

Forsythia - Fiesta

Ginkgo - Autumn Gold

Hawthorn - Cockspur multi

Hibiscus - Minerva, Aphrodite

Honeylocust - Skyline

Hydrangea - Quickfire

Juniper - Parsons, Andora, Sea Green

Katsura - standard cultivar

Lilac - Dwarf Korean, Multiple unknown cultivars, Snow Spring Tree

Maakia - Amur

Magnolia - Lenard Messel, Merril, Royal Star

Maple - Celebration, Autumn Blaze Multi, Red Maple

Mountain Ash - Oakleaf

Ninebark - Summer Wine, Diablo

Pear - Autumn Blaze

Pine - Mungo

Potentilla - Pink Beauty

Rose - Snowdrift

Serviceberry - Autumn Brillian Multi

Speedwell - Purplicious

Spirea - Goldflame, Goldmound, Snowmound, Birch

Spruce - Dwarf Norway

St. Johns Wort - Ames

Viburnum - Korean Spice, Compact Red, Mohican, Blackhaw, Pink double file

Wegelia - Midnight Wine, Unknown Varigeted cultivar

Willow - Dappled, Dwarf Artic

Witchhazel - Vernal

Yew - Tanton

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Thats quite a list,you must have a big yard.
I planted a Ginko Autumn Gold but it's still small.How big is yours?and how fast of a grower is it?


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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

I actually just planted it in fall. I bought a 2" caliper and it cost a pretty penny...$300 after a $60 discount. It had a perfect globe shape, I couldn't resist.

I know they are extremely slow growing. My neighbor has a male ginko(can't say its Autumn Gold for sure) but he planted a 8ft tree 12 years ago and its about 15ft tall now.

An older subdivision down the road has a ginko that is about 50ft tall. I'd say it about 30 years old based on the look of the house. Seams like after they establish themselves they do have a good growth rate. This tree is probably the coolest tree I have ever seen. Thing looked like the sun in fall.

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love the idea! I haven't documented my flowers so a list may take a while, possibly some research and very possibly waiting for spring / summer growth- LOL. Also only a few pics but plan to adjust that now that I have a new camera. Think we can make this a summer project for 2009?

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