Woodlands Plant ID

royv(Z5IL)June 18, 2006


I live in Lake County Illinois on 6 acres of Woodlands and I noticed these plants popping up EVERYWHERE. I've tried to ID them for a while but I'm stumped. I'm trying to determine whether they are invasive or not. Any help with this would be appreciated.


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The URL insert won't work for some reason. This is the site.



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ahughes798(z5 IL)

check and see if it's Jewelweed, we've got lots of it in this county!

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ahughes, it indeed appears to be Jewelweed, thanks!! I've been searching for a long time to identify this plant.


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I have Impatiens capensis which is the orange colored Jewel Weed. It favors ditches and wet, shady areas. The plants are about knee high (on this date) and the stems are very thick and fleshy with swollen nodes. They have a glaucous covering which comes off when rubbed. Leaf arrangement is alternate, yours appears to be opposite.
Try posting on Natives forum for ID

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I think it is a woodland aster. The plant is not translucent enough for jewelweed

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