varigated goldenrod

maifleur01July 10, 2009

Posting here rather than the native plant group because I would like to know if others have a varigated form. Four years ago the driveway was resurfaced and the next year one of my goldenrod plants started to become varigated, 1/2 of plant. I did not see anything eating the seeds so thought was sterile. This year about 6 feet away have found several seedlings so my supposition was wrong.

Three years ago I started noticing several plants in my travels that were showing stripping and blotching. My friend that creats varigated plants for a sideline was not impressed and told me the varigation was common in goldenrods. Does anyone in this group have the varigated form in their woodlands?

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

There are at least a couple of varieties for sale in nurseries. The one I have is solidago flexicaulis variegata or variegated zigzag goldenrod. I think your friend may be correct in saying that variegation might be common in the goldenrod family. By the way, my variegated plants produce some (or all?) normal green plants when self-seeding.

Here is a link that might be useful: solidago flexicaulis variegata

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Since this is a non-planted plant I do not know what kind it is other than the branches reach 6 ft+ if I do not cut down to 1/3 size. Long slender leaves with much more splashing of color on them. This year as I stated I have small plants coming up.

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