Need help identifying this vine (possibly invasive)

gardenhorn(8B)July 28, 2010

Hi all. This vine has completely overtaken everything in this neglected bed. Can anybody ID it?


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Looks like wild morning glory to me.

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jhix(8 San Antonio)

Also known as bindweed. Twines over everything.
Regrows like crazy. The link below discusses elimination.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bindweed

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Wow, looks like my work is cut out for me.


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A subject near and dear to my heart. I must have pulled up a hundred yards of morning glory roots and sprayed a couple of gallons of Roundup, to no effect. Glyphosate will kill the foliage, but the concentrations of it in ordinary Roundup just seem to stimulate the root systems (individual underground runners, half again as thick as a pencil, can be well over 20 ft long.)

The Roundup you buy by the gallon off the shelf at Home Depot contains 2% glyphosate. You can get a more concentrated form which contains 48% glyphosate. If you research this a bit, you will come across suggestions that you soak the root end of morning glory in this Satan water for an extended period. My battle plan (soon as I get around to it) is to cut and scrape a root end, tie a large cotton swab around it, drench it with the 48% solution, and seal it off with a piece of plastic and a rubber band.

Oh, and it also springs up all over the place through seeding.

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