wdenton07July 11, 2011


I heat my house with a wood burning stove

The county is cutting down all the trees that are by the power lines and I have the opportunity to get about 30 austree's

Would these be good for burning in the woodstove?

I looked and I cannot find a BTU rating for the wood anywhere.

Thanks in advance

If this is the wrong forum please tell me and I will repost.

I usually am at the vegetable garden forum.

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I just had to look up this tree since I have never heard of it! It appears to be a hybrid of several willows but originally from Australia, hence the common name. I found the below on the web. I am sure you can check more sites reference to burning these trees, but based on what I found, you would be taking a risk.

"When it comes to selecting firewood, wood that comes from willow trees is among the least desirable of all firewoods. Willow produces a low amount of heat and burns very quickly compared to oak or maple firewood. Using willow in a stove can lead to a buildup of creosote in the stove pipe that can cause a chimney fire."

Read more: Is Willow Tree Wood Good for Burning? :

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I just found that they are a willow tree also.
According to the btu chart i just found will is rates at 14 so if I let it dry really well I will try and burn it and see how it goes.

If it burns poorly or too quick I will use it for campfire wood.

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