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tomasincasJuly 10, 2006

I have about four or five plants that are about 8-11 inches tall...plant has been up about a month or so...had buds on them maybee ten or so on center stalk...looks like lily family..been waiting for buds to open..then I noticed some are flower that I could see..looked like empty pods..thought something may have been dispursed..took one off the plant and took in the house and looked at it a with magnifying glass...looks like three green leaves spaced like a trillium and three purple leaves , spaced the same way only in between the green leaves ...( maybee part of the flower ) two of the purple are just curved the and other one has a cavity with a lower lip on it ..reminds me of a snap draggon type or something that is meant to trap something in it...the little flower and its leaves arn't anymore than 3/8 to 1/2 inch in any direction..most of the plants have leaves with paralell lines on them which are about about 3 1/2 inches long and most plants have three or four leaves...thanks Tom

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Some of the things you describe suggest an orchid to me: the lip, 3+3 sepals & petals, and the linear venation on the leaves. See for some native orchids of PA. I'm probably way off...

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mkrkmr , no you were not way off , it was indeed an orchid, a common one... Epapactis helliborine...been reading the forum ,seems like a bumper crop all the way across the USA.I just talked to someone in Calif. who just got them...and now there is an article about an albino plant in this forum..seems they are invasive..but since they are my first ones , I think they are pretty cool...thanks...what part of Ga. you from???

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