karbie18(z5 IL)July 9, 2007

I've got several acres - much of it is woodland. I haven't got the ambition, or even the desire, to get rid of the many wild violets that cover the ground. My problem is that the violets have taken over much of what I've planted. So far, the only plants I've found that will grow through them are turtleheads and coral bells. Can you suggest plants that can live harmoniously with violets in my zone 5 garden - particularly plants that are taller so they will be noticeable?

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There are many plants you could grow among them (they are a nuisance). You could try Hostas, Ligularia, Hellebores, Salvia koyame, Trachestema Orientalis, Euphoriba Robbiae, Hardy Geraniums, Hakonachloa, Campanulas, many shade loving shrubs. When you plant anything (as you plant) try and pull out the surrounding violets. It will help a little...You will probalby as you say never get rid of all of them but little by little you can make them just a little less.

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karbie18(z5 IL)


Thanks for the suggestions. Actually I already had hostas growing there, and I lost them. I did what you said, and cleaned the violets from around them, and they still disappeared. Maybe I attributed the loss to violets, and it was something else. I also lost lamium - which in many people's gardens is hard to kill. But I will try some of your suggestions and see how it goes. Can campanulas grow in full shade - I have some, but I thought they required some sun?

Thanks again,

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