Grizzlies in WI?

lpptz5bDecember 17, 2007

A week ago my brother inlaw sent me an e-mail with a story about a logging truck that hit a large bear somewhere in northwest WI.I was amazed to see a photo of a grizzly bear on the back of a truck.

Have any of you heard of this?or is this a hoax.

I looked up the presettlement range of the grizzy,and to my suprise it extended into upper MI and NW WI.

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

If someone hit a grizzly in Wisconsin it would have been big news. You would have heard about it via some media other than an email.


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Bob_Zn5(Z5 WI)

That was a photoshopped picture. Interesting but fake, got quite a few people wondering tho.

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pondwelr(z5 WI)

My sane and sensible 45 yr old son travels to Canada every year, and he claims he saw a rather large cougar in northern Minnesota. He seldom mentions it because he suspects others will think him a fruitcake.

I used to walk my neighbors big property. (a whole section) and twice came face to face with a coyote. that was 12 or more years ago. The DNR agent told me, with great humor, Ma'am there are no coyotes in SE WI. At the time, I had a small beagle who walked with me, and I suspect was looked at as a source of food. On two occasions whe found hillside fox dens, and the little kits came out and crowded under my dogs feet. The DNR guy assured me that I saw someones German Shepherd dog. Right!
hey, I owned a GS for many years. Sure know what they look like. This animal was small boned. Slender and bushy coated.
Now, I understand that wolf packs are thriving in the northern counties. And even while the DNR assures us all that they have a handle on the packs and numbers, I just cant help but remember their disbelief over a citizens report. And I wonder, just how effective are these rangers. I know our local ranger seldom gets out of his car.
I say, if its within the realm of science, possible and probable, then it probably has or will happen. Grizzlies aside, there certainly are creatures living in remote regions that we think are gone from this state. I keep and open mind, but not gullibility. Pondy

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Cougars have been confirmed in Minnesota (and the U.P.), as I recall. Our own DNR has yet to confirm them here, despite many sightings. I would have thought coyotes were confirmed in SE WI for much more than 12 years now. As for wolves, I think there was a confirmed road kill of one in Waukesha county a few years back.


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Coyotes are very often seen around here in Racine county. They are also moving into the city limits, as more and more of their natural habitat (wooded areas) are cleared. I occasionally see a couple racing across a country road on my way from the city where I work, out to my country home. As you said above, Pondy, I wonder how often the "officials" get out of their cars!


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My hubby and I have seen coyotes well over 12 years ago in Cudahy where we used to live. We would see them in a large open field just a few blocks from where we lived. They have been all over the southern part of Milw. cty for a long time. Tj, I remember reading about that wolf that was killed too. There was a bear sighted in a tree in Waukesha cty awhile go too. They had pics in the Journal. They said it was rare, but it goes to show the animals are moving south in our state.


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I believe it is a hoax,just because it is easy for some idiot to post on the web.But also believe a grizzly may have wondered far from home.
It just makes me wonder how true some stroies are?
While hunting for black bear in 1980 Ontario Canada,I met a trucker who relayed a story of a grizzy bear getting hit by a fellow trucker, that was all over the local papers.
On the subject of cougars in WI.I personaly talked to a fellow who raised deer,told me that a cougar was sighted inside his deer pens and he lost most of his deer.After reporting this to the DNR he was told it must have been dogs.But even after that this cougar was sighted a number of times on the outside of his pens.
It is a shame, then, that with every verifiable sighting, there are probably two or three that are dismissed as hoaxes.
I am just in search of the truth!

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pondwelr(z5 WI)

Wow, I thought I would get flamed by posting that my son and I both believe there are critters around that the DNR denies.
I've only heard of cougars in Northern MN, but they could certainly be in northern Wi too.
Thanks tj, kat and Julie for confirming what so many of us already believe. If it is possible, it is also likely.
Last night, I went to close my garage door and a possum every so casually walked back down my driveway. I have deer in my yard all the time. Other creatures too, I guess, judging by the tracks. I have the city (sidewalks, many homes, streetlights, etc) in my front yard, and a wilderness area (pond, woods, etc) in the back yard. So I am not surprised by the critters. But am surprised that the DNR rangers are so lacking in knowledge of urban wildlife. How wild and varied it is. And how adaptable wildlife is to urban living. Coyotes are intelligent so I can believe they are everywhere. In time, who knows, the griz may make its way to urban development too. Whoa, I sure hope not! Pondy

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My cousin swears he saw a cougar a few years ago while hunting in his parents woods.(Waupaca County)
I believe it, anything is possible, and as for the DNR, they probably don't want to believe it, that and they'd HAVE to get out of their trucks to do a report. My DH has seen coyote out here by us, the neighbors have also seen it. DH says it was beautiful site to see.

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milwdave(Zone5 Milwaukee)

Well if cougars are confirmed in N. MN and the UP, they had to get to the UP somhow....maybe across the Lake Superior in Winter? More than likely through Northern Wisconsin. We probably have them but they are elusive. I think the DNR is probably taking a conservative viewpoint. They want a confirmed sighting by one of their agents or a good pic of one...maybe some tracks or spoor.

Merry Christmas to all on here.


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daddylonglegs(z5 WI)

I see coyotees all the time in Waukesha. In a past life I tended to the hydro plants in the UP and had heard from operators that cougar are up there, I personally never saw one and figured they were just kidding me.
But Grizzlies??.... I don't think so.

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Grizzlies? No. The nearest grizzlies to Wisconsin (beside zoo animals) are in Montana. Black bears are a possibility. I know they are around northern WI and the UP and occationally we get news stories of them wandering down into Southeastern WI. I think the last one reached the Oshkosh area before being caught and shipped back up north.

I don't doubt that there are cougars in WI. They are very adaptable and tend to be a lot more shy around humans. Coyotes are everywhere! Also I believe that wolves have been re-introduced to northern WI but are still few in number.


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cranberry15(Zone 5 WI)

I saw a cougar south of Antigo a few years back. I seldom talk about it, much like pondwelr's son, because I know people won't believe me. But there's nothing else it could have been. Ran right across Hwy 45 in broad daylight. DNR can only confirm these sightings if they themselves see the tracks.
Coyotes? Jeez, they're everywhere. Early in the a.m. you can see them right in the city of Milwaukee - they creep out of the Menomonee River Parkway and hunt the rabbits & squirrels. I saw one breakfasting on a rabbit on the corner of 88th & Hadley early one winter morning. Fur all over the sidewalk. Gross.

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Do any of you remember the Ed Wiseman story from the early 80's?
Well he was a hunting guide,I believe in montana,well he got mualed by a female grizzly,it chased him up a tree and he was able to escape by shoving a arrow down it's throat.
At that time there were not suppose to be any grizzlies in that area.
I am going by memory so some of my facts may be wrong.I will try to chase down that story and report back.

Is it not possible that one could wonder far from native habitat?After all in there natural home territory they can travel large distances.
This brings to mind a true story of wildlife officals in Canada that radio collared a female moose that was tracked by sattelite to the state of Oklahoma and then made it's way all the way back to Canada.Now that behavior is not normal,but yet some animals do travel long distances.

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cranberry15(Zone 5 WI)

Far from native habitat? I think you mean BACK to their native habitat. Wolf, cougar, elk used to be throughout the state of WI (and farther east). Folks still occasionally find elk antlers in southern WI.

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Yes you are absolutly right- cranberry!

That is why I search for the truth.Most people are oblivious as to how far animals and [people] can wonder far from home.
My gripe is with our DNR, and there denying the return of animals that once lived here.When they are told of a sighting ,rather than admitting the possibility.
If someone knows for sure the picture of a grizzy on a truck in NW WI is a hoax,thats ok with me.
But I say to it's creator--STOP IT!

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There was a Cougar just recently in Milton Wisconsin, they have the foot prints, eye witness, and it's paw was cut so they have DNA. It's been traveling long distances and spotted all over. Friend sent me the Beloit Gasette article about cougar.

I live in Milwaukee by Jackson Park and we have coyetes all the time.

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I found the link for that story in the Journal Sentinel. It still isn't a positive sighting until they get the results back.
The link is below.


Here is a link that might be useful: Possible cougar sighting

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milwdave(Zone5 Milwaukee)

Heya Lynxville....WOW!!! Coyotes in Jackson Park?!!! That is so urban! We have them here in Franklin but I'm across the street from the Root River so it's expected.


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The bear was suppose to have been hit in Montana. Go to
The reason the DNR tell you are not seeing what you are is due to the fact if any of these animals were to harm livestock the DNR has to pay for damages. About 10 years ago I had wolves run my horses thru the fence. I had a six month old colt that was badly hurt. The DNR came out and looked at the tracks etc. Said it was my dog cuz I had a Husky. Well I know what my dogs tracks look like and these were were WAY bigger!
I've heard of cougar sightings not far from where I live. I know we have wolves and yotes. I have seen them 1st hand. Do not always believe what the government tells you.

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hammer(z4 cent.wis)

If you look closely at the picture you can see that the license on the truck is not from wisconsin but colorado.

Wolves are kinda common in central wisconsin and hit by cars so often it barely makes the paper. DNR website not much help in identifying sites as all you have to do is talk with the bear hunters that run dogs. They will stay away from the areas that have the wolves.

Friends of mine that have hunted out west a lot have seen a mountain lion in the tomahawk area. Lots of state and mill lands there so they are would be somewhat left alone. No reason to make up stories about it. Their here.

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Thanks rednekgrl

Mystery solved.

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I've spent a lot of time outside at night in my yard and at the windows looking out because of plant thieves. well, i've seen cougars, panthers, black bear and coyotes here in SE Wisconsin.

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Ditto, conniemerie~~

I work at the County Forestry, and folks are always bringing in road kill or reporting sightings. We had a wolf in our yard on Good Friday a.m. in 2010, and I personally saw and touched a freshly road-killed wolf this summer (2011). We also had a cougar in our yard, and have received numerous sightings and photos (real ones) of moose, cougar, wolves, and the occasional elk (the elks are just west of here in the Chequamegon-Nicolet Nat'l Forest.

So far, the wolves aren't causing much depradation here, but are a problem in farming areas. There will probably be a harvest of wolves in the near future to keep the population in check.

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naturemitch(3/4 WI)

Personally, I am waiting to see Bigfoot! :) I drive 85 miles to work and through some of the most remote land in WI. I have had the opportunity to see bobcats, cougar, and lots of other critters. I would love to see a Bigfoot! But, I will admit I will NEVER report it and will keep it in my most trusted circle of family and friends. I am not afraid of being ridiculed...I just don't want it harassed and killed.

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pondwelr(z5 WI)

The news reports have sure changed from the early '08 report that started this post, hasn't it? There are now many confirmed reports of cougars all over the state. Coyotes are now a 'given' and wolves are making such a comeback, they may need culling, like our beautiful and destructive white-tail deer. Regular fox sightings are mentioned in our subdivision newsletter. Like the coyote, they have adapted well to urban and suburban life. You may not believe this, but when I was a child, Canadian geese were an awesome sight; now they are like carp. Everyone gripes about their abundance. As "the boss" sings: the times, they are a-changing.
Is the Griz next? I won't rule it out. Pondy

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