Brown and crunchy leaves on tomato plants....

dancinglemons(7B VA)July 30, 2011

Hello all,

My 2 Italian Pear (IND) tomato plants put out a bumper crop this year and until about 3 weeks ago were lovely green plants. Then the leaves began to curl, then yellow (not spots) and then die and turn crunchy, I decided yesterday to pull all of the remining tomato fruit and severely prune the plants. I removed about 98% of the leaves - healthy and crunchy. I did a soil drench with 5-5-5 fertilizer and I sprayed with fungucide -- almost to dripping. I've never done this before and wondered if anyone has "bought back to life" a tomato plant that was in pretty bad shape. At this point it is an experiment.

BTW - I was not able to determine what the particular disease may have been. I cut open the stems - nothing there. I inspected for bugs - one corn ear worm. The fruit were perfectly OK except for some catfacing. I grow exclusively in containers (EarthBox) so moisture was not a problem. (Automatic watering system in place.)




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I had brown crunchy leaves, whole branches hanging dead in place and it turned out to be Tomato Russet Mite, which you cannot see with naked eye. I saw pix that Raybo posted from same deal last year, and googled it to make the diagnosis. With Mites, they went up the plant, one branch after another. Sulfer powder put a stop to them. Prior to that, I was thinking maybe one of the wilts. Linda

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dancinglemons(7B VA)

Thanks one and all. I googled TRM and found lots of photos and information. The photos look EXACTLY like my plants. I am going to work on them starting today. I will take pictures of 'before' and 'after'.


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DL - Exactly my experience. I am so thankful to this and other forums and the members for the wealth of knowlege and information available. Last year my season was over in July. This year, thanks to forum members, like Raybo, my plants are flowering and setting again. LInda

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