AMITROL-T Kills Poison Ivy

johnaw(z5 OHIO)July 6, 2008

I would like to know if anyone knows if you still can get AMITROL-T?

I have used this for Poison Ivy and it really works, I feel that this is or was the best item they had to kill Poison Ivy.

I am about to take on a project at Church in cleaning a Flower Bed out and it has Poison Ivy in it. My job it to kill the Poison Ivy and save the Perennials.

I need you help in telling me what to do to kill the Poison Ivy?

This is not going to be a over night job, but one that I will be working on the rest of the Summer.

If anyone one of you can step forward in telling me how to take care of the problem I would be very greatful for the information.

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I don't know anything about the product you mentioned, but I know from experience that Round Up for poison ivy works very well. I was concerned that it would come back the next year, but that has not been the case, so I bought more & just finished doing the rest of my property. You will see the leaves start to droop within 24 to 48 hours. It takes a bit for it to die, but it does the trick nicely.

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tami58 (or anyone) - after you use the roundup on the ivy, do you just let it stay there and die, or do you need to remove it manually afterward? Does it kill the whole plant? I have the healthiest-looking poison ivy in woods behind a planting area (yet to be developed), and after a horrible, horrible experience with it a month ago (didn't realize what I'd gotten into), I want it OUT but am apprehensive about wading in and yanking it out.

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johnaw(z5 OHIO)

What ever you do Go around it as far as you can and spray with Poison Ivy Killer and let it be for a couple weeks and go back and spray it again and try going in deeper each time you spray. You will kill it if you do this and come Fall go back and spray the whole area once again this time it will carry the spray to the roots as it goes dormant.

By Spring you should have it killed.


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ladyslppr(z6 PA)

I agree that Roundup will kill poison ivy, but it may take a while. Spray all you can reach without touching any of the PI, wait a couple of weeks and when the stuff you sprayed is dead and withered, you can carefully walk a little farther into the patch of PI and spray more of it. wait again, and repeat. Expect some regrowth this fall and probably in the spring too, but you will eventually kill it. It takes a long elapsed time, but not really many hours of work.

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I worked on mine exactly how these folks are describing. But I must say, I think Round up is using a new formulation this year than last. The stuff I bought this year, doesn't work as well as what I had last year. It has a different label too, this one says it is for poison ivy & other woody type weeds. I don't think other types of plants were included on last years label. I sprayed my last bit of ivy a few weeks ago & it is not dead yet. Some of the leaves are getting yelow, so maybe it will, but it's not working as well. I also sprayed some mile a minute that I is growing & it killed that very well.

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Glad Round-Up works for you all, but I have not had good success here. The product "appears" to do the job, but the plants often come back the next year. I have to treat many years in a row and sometimes several times in a given season. I think your colder zones may help so that the plant doesn't rejunvenate. Luckily, I am not sensitive and with gloved hands just pull any small pieces. The larger vines, however, I have to treat with herbicide. My best efforts usually involve cutting the vine and spraying the new cut. I sometimes use a brush killer for that. Because of the yummy berries that the birds scatter, poison ivy will always be with us. And to think that in some parts of Europe it is planted for its fall color. Well, it is pretty, from a distance!! Good luck to all.

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I ran the name amitrol-t in my search engine and did not get the usual flurry of commercial web sites so maybe it was phased out. Some sites I read indicated it is a bit persistent in soil and can affect new plantings during that time and also said it is a carcinogen. For the really thick poison ivy vines, cut them with a loppers at as far a distance as you can and paint the cut stem with herbicide mixed as strong as allowed. Spray the other stuff directly on the leaves and stems. There is a good chance you will have to do a follow up application. If you don't need to get planting in the area right away then let the stuff decompose in place. If not, you will need to suit up appropriately and pull it out (definitely not reccommended if at all possible). Poison ivy seems to be having a good year.

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Pardon the possibly stupid question, but do lawn treatment or other companies come in and deal with this stuff at all? I used RoundUp for PI on mine (what I could see) 2 weeks ago and by last weekend it was brown and dried up - great. But I can't readily see the vine (tons of leaves covering the ground, and the PI has popped up in a few places), and after an horrendous experience with the stuff earlier this summer, I'm extremely apprehensive to go about reaching down and getting at it on my own in order to cut and herbicide it (though I have some concentrated brush killer, etc.).

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Ankh, a landscaping company or maybe even a true horticultural service might be willing to go after the bigger stuff (I have no clue on price but I would charge big bucks for the annoyance). I guess a lawn care company could come in and do a treatment for broadleaf weeds in your lawn. Mowing in that PI even after it is dead sounds like where you run the biggest risk of exposure. You, or the people you pay, should also look around for PI coming in from the edges that might be sending in new vines to the lawn. I don't see PI in lawns much except around border areas that are more shady or woodsy (near trees, mulch, shrubs, etc.). Maybe if you spray those new PI leaves you will get lucky and finish it off (hope springs eternal). I would also buy some Technu to scrub with after any exposures.

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In my experience, you need to use something stronger than regular Round-up. Use something formulated to get rid of underbrush. Or buy concentrate and mix it stronger than usual. I would try to avoid spraying it on the perennials.

One thing to keep in mind. Even dead poison ivy carries the oils that create a rash! From what I have read, you can get poison ivy from dead plants for up to 9 months. I would use gloves, long sleeves, etc. and pull the dead plants out, once you are sure it is all the way dead into the roots. Wash all clothes in hot water and toss the gloves.

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Try Boiling water. It works in minutes.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Maybe a small plant in a sidewalk crack could be set back by pouring boiling water on it, but using this method to clear large established plants would be completely useless. The vines would quickly regenerate from the roots. Also, you would never want to pour boiling water on a tree if the vine was growing up the tree.

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Where can I purchase Amitrol?

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