mucknjerDecember 16, 2009

I received two mums on Dec 15 growing in containers . I was wondering if I should keep them in my garage over winter or should I try to plant them since the ground is only frozen at the top surface .I am thinking it is too late for the roots to take hold ? Let me know if anyone has an answer......Thank you

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Are they "hardy" or "florist" type mums? Either way, since most of the state is under a foot of snow, I would think the garage is about your only option. I assume your garage has windows and doesn't get below freezing? If so, keep them only wet enough so they don't wilt, run them very dry, brightest light possible, but don't extend day length with gro lights. You want to keep them dormant until spring when you can plant them out after the last frost. Good luck.

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

I inadvertantly overwintered mums in my garage one year. Just put the pot I had them in into the garage and forgot about them. They grew fine the next summer. Mums do like it dry-ish in the winter.


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