Holiday garden projects

catrinaDecember 19, 2006

Hi Wisconsin garden buds,

Wow, you must all be busy getting ready for the holidays. Not much action on our forum.

Since it's such a beautyful day, I thought I'd ask; what kind of garden related projects are you doing for the holidays?

Here are some of mine:

Use the branches that were cut from the bottom of the christmas tree to decorate my outdoor pots.

Collect berries and seeds to make "bird Potpouri" Use as a decoration for awhile and then put in a shallow dish on the covered porch for them to eat.

Use some of the berries and pods to decorate the wreath.

Cut some branches to "deck the halls", too bad it's too cold here for boughs of Holly as that is my daughters name. I have tried to grow the suposidly hardy ones a number of times and they always die. An alternative though is "Holly leaved barberry" it looks a lot like holly.

Finish raking since we still have no snow.

Finish cutting down plants as they begin to look shabby

Finish shoveling compost into the greenhouse (since it's been so dry the pile is not frozen.

Start to mulch tender stuff.

I guess these aren't all holiday related, I'm still stuck on fall work. Now I should just get out there and do it instead of what the DH calls "playing" on the computer. Or...I could go skiing. Not that I don't have anything to do indoors either.

Hope you all have the happiest of holidays!


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Well, I'm doing winter sowing for the first time. I've got containers, soil, most of my seeds, and now I need to start getting all the containers ready. It's a fun project to do after christmas since I have the week off. I put soil and mulch on the roses since they finally seemed dormant. I hope they survive.

Your "bird Potpouri" sounds like a great idea. I might have to try that next year.

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Good morning, all!

Well, I cleaned up the greenhouse in order to better show off what's blooming in there when the company arrives. I've got paperwhites, zygocactus, orchids, bromeliads, and hibiscus in bloom right now--it's wonderful!

We finished building our first fireplace last week, so I think I'll have some fun decorating that with a homemade garland; wish we had more cedar around here...and berries.

Tonight we're putting the tree up :)

Any hope of a white Christmas, anyone?

Merry Christmas,


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SandiBluffs(z4 WI)

Hi everyone!!!
I am working toward minimizing the holiday projects. However, I still seem to have plenty to keep me busy.

1. cut cedar boughs to embellish our gnome display and fill basket arrangements (the dog stepped in one trying to get his ball!)

2. sifting garden box soil---finally had it with the continual weeds. I am not a "grass roots" gardener :) so I am sifting them out. My goal was to get just one box done, but the weather has held long enough for me to get 7.5 boxes done. Nice!! I am thinking about seeding the soil now to have early spring spinach, radishes, lettuce. The untimate winter sowing.

3.a ZONE 4 garden magazine. I have not found a gerden magazine that targets the northern gardening experience, so I am compiling one. This year I kept stats on our weather and have it compiled by the month. I will organize the info into graphs for later referral. Also, I included tasks which need to be done at certain times each month. This year I intend to write articles about innovative\frugal ideas which will streamline my garden challenges. If anyone from zone 3 or 4 would like to share their garden experiences, please email. :)

4. seed catalogs--- deciding what I really need, recording that and getting ready to order in January.

5. organizing for the annual zone 3-5 Round Robin, ready to be sent right after Christmas.

6. started a 2007 landscape file. Thinking about how to move and utilize the plants we have. Thinking about which plants I can share at the plant swaps in May.

Happy holidays everyone. See you all in 8 days! SB

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