Cactus Fruit Juice

mrs.wiggley(8 Hill Country)July 29, 2014

I suppose due to the plentiful spring rains, the cactus pears are especially plump and delicious looking this year and so I decided to begin harvesting some for use. They are packed with Vitamin C and fiber. They are a bit of work but I'm getting the hang of it and have gotten over my intimidation of the prickly part. I used tongs to collect and handle them and the relatively few fine hairs on the pears were easy to remove with a vegetable brush.
The video explains the rest and there are other videos of interest on that page related to using cactus. I would only add that when you've got the blended cactus pear juice in a mesh strainer (I skipped the cloth) you have to stir it around to help it through the mesh or otherwise you end up throwing out the good jelly-like pulp with the seeds.
I mixed the strained cactus pear juice in a blender with watermelon, some fresh mint leaves and a squeeze of lime. Yum!
I'm guessing the juice would also be amazing included in a homemade sangria.

If you are harvesting your prickly cactus pears I'd love to hear what you are doing with them.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to prepare cactus pears

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I see them everywhere. I've been looking into growing them, so I can have a Fred Flintstone Sangria too!

In case you need a Margarita-

3 ounces tequila blanco
1/2 -ounce Cointreau or TripleSec or Curacao
1 1/2 ounces lime juice
2 ounces prickly pear syrup
Kosher salt and turbinado sugar, for garnishing the glass

:) Have a lovely time with your Cactus Juice!

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mrs.wiggley(8 Hill Country)

Thanks for the recipe!

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