Love San Marzano Redorta

ikea_gwJuly 29, 2012

There have been a lot of questions about what is the best paste tomato on this forum and I thought I'd share my impression of San Marzano Redorta. This is the first year growing it for me so don't take this as a long term evaluation but so far I am loving this tomato.

Each plant got its own 24 inch diameter cage and I didn't prune them except for taking off diseased leaves. They have been extremely vigorous growers (approaching 7 ft right now) and shows good resistance to early blight. I don't spray and I garden in a community garden so I get that every year. The spread is much slower on San Marzano Redorta than other heirloom tomatoes I grow.

Fruit set was excellent until the heat and the drought set in a month ago. 40-50 fruits per plant which isn't all that unusual for paste type tomatoes but most fruits are 8 oz and over. Easy to peel and at this size fewer to peel as well for sauce. A small amount of BER during the drought.

The fruits are a great balance of sweetness, tanginess, and oddly salt. The flesh is firm but juicy, and there are not many seeds. It is great for sauce but to my surprise it is a very good fresh eating tomato as well. Haven't made salsa with it but I suspect it will make a rocking one.

In the past I've grown Opalka, Viva Italia, regular Roma, Hungarian Heart, and Amish Paste for my sauce needs but I have to say right now I am planning on growing only SMR next year in the paste category.

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I grew SM Redorta this year also and found it to be an excellent paste, as is Striped Roman.

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Hey suncitylinda, how big are the striped roman fruits? How's the taste? I am always intrigued by it because it is so pretty. :)

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Both San Marzano Redorta and Oplaka were larger than Striped Roman but decent size. maybe 4 inches long or a bit more. Sweet. Good. It is a beauty for sure.

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My favorite for making sauce !

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A few of my biggest SMR's from this year. (thanks to the drip irrigation during this drought)

Can't wait to start making sauce!

crazyoldgooseman in Md

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Can anyone tell me a reliable source for these? My usual sources don't seem to sell them.

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

Tomato Growers Supply has them.

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One their website, Tomato Growers supply said they had them in stock last year but back ordered mine. I got them in time enough but ended up getting the some seed from "Seeds from Italy" just in case.

The ones from Italy were the seeds I planted and mine came out great. Good Luck crazyoldgoose in Maryland

Here is a link that might be useful: Seeds From Italy, San Marzano Redorta

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Thanks for the tip. Seeds From Italy shipping is $3.95 for under $15.00 so I may order some although I already have too many tomato seeds to plant. I am also looking at their basil because of something on a herb garden thread.

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I certainly loved SMZ-Redorta as well, but there are so many excellent tomatoes similar to it. George, O'Brien, Opalka, and my personal favorite, Cherokee Sausage, aka Wessel's Purple Pride.

You also have your plums. Japanese Black Trifele, Dino Eggs, Christopher Columbus, and so on.

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I forgot to mention the hearts, but you get the idea.

Don't limit yourself to just one tomato. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

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Great. Now due to this rave reviews, I may just have to make room again for it in my garden. lol

I had tried it and Opalka since I planned to make sauce, but no joke, I believe they were the only tomato plants that did wimpy in my garden! It was my first year gardening, but with all the research I did and care I gave them, all the other ones rocked, like Middle Tennessee, Italian Tree, Mariana's Peace, etc., so much so I had to train them sideways along the fence. My paste tomato plants? I believe I did four and I think ONE got to a gangly 4 feet tall, not very branched, the others were stubbornly stuck at about two feet tall, though they did produce. LOL! So yeah, MAYBE I just might have to scrap the idea of another new oxheart variety and give a well praised paste tomato a second chance. ;)

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I love San Marzano Redorta tomatoes too. It's like a regular San Marzano but much bigger, thicker walled and less seeds I think.

I ordered some from Tomatofest.

My biggest problem with this variety is I love them red and my dog likes them green.

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