When is the right time to plant for fall?

GreenSerenity(8)July 23, 2013

Hi all,
I am confused about when the right time to plant for fall is in Texas zone 8.

According to this calendar:

Now is the time to plant tomato plants. But I cannot find a single nursery in the area, or lowe's etc, that has transplants in stock right now.

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It is kind of confusing isn't it? it's tough to find much of a selection of any kind of vegetable plant this time of year. In my experience a fall garden for heat loving plants (tomatoes, peppers, etc) is kind of a crapshoot. One early cold snap is all it takes to kill those plants off. I think that's why most places don't sell transplants now. One option is starting transplants from seed but that date was probably a month ago. Or maybe look at things that can take a little cooler weather- a lot of those can be direct seeded.

If I was gong to check anyplace for transplants it would be Natural Gardener. I know in the spring they have an awesome selection of veggies.

Hope this helps- Lisa

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If you plant tomatoes & peppers now, best to cover the cage with a shade cloth until September. Winter crops don't go in for a couple of months yet, so it's a good time to clean out the gardens, put in more compost, cover with mulch and drink a big glass of iced tea.

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