here we go again

junktruckJuly 17, 2012

with the entire state of Mo. declared a natural disaster and 82 counties in Ks. so far a natural disaster and the next 7 day forecast all 100+ and no rain in sight / its becoming a full time job just watering tomato plants / there looking good but dang its killin my water bill / oh well I"ll just sit in the a/c and eat tomatoes / heheheheh

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harveyhorses(7 Midlothian Va)

Glad your tomatoes are making it, with a lot of your hard work. Enjoy them, and stay cool.
Is there anything better than a grown-in-your-own-garden tomato? I think I will Edit Ben Franklin, Beer and Tomatoes are proof god loves us and wants us to be happy.
Sorry I got sidetracked. Hang in there!

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If there is a silver lining to this drought... maybe it will make us reconsider turning decent food (corn), scarce water and great fuel (gasoline) into low quality fuel (ethanol).

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Amen, barnhardt9999.

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was woke up at 3 am this morning by thunder / but still no rain / NEW RULE !!! if it thunders its gotta rain !!!!

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I too heard that thunder and saw the lightning this morning.
I looked out at my plants and saw a hole in my shadecloth causing it to slip down from its stake and hit the plants. I figured that I'd better repair it before the rain came in.

Here I am at 3:00 am on a ladder repairing a hole with lightning flashing all around me. Got it fixed and headed back inside thinking to myself "bring that rain, and bring it hard". Of course it only sprinkled for about 3 minutes.

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