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daisybelle1December 29, 2008


My garden club is setting up our calendar for 2009. Do any of you have any great ideas for programs for us? In the past we have done everything from field trips, to home garden tours, bringing in speakers, garden related craft projects (hypertufa), etc. Thanks for any ideas.

Lisa in La Crosse.

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Have you ever been to Heritage Farm in Decorah, Iowa? I have not but I have heard a great deal of good about it. I plan to make a trek there this year. I bought almost all my seed from Seed Savers last year and was very pleased with them.

Looks like their site is down this evening but should try back later.

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Yes, our club has been to Seed Savers many times. The farm area is very interesting with the heirloom vegetables and, of course, the gift shop. We even brought a picnic lunch and sat in the shade and had lunch together. Very old fashioned of us, don't you think? If you are planning a road trip make sure to travel off the main highway to a fantastic nursery called Willowglen. They have a website and the owners are super nice and informative.

Anyone have any other ideas for us? I look forward to any suggestions!

Lisa in La Crosse

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I don't know if Madison is too far, but there's a store called Paradigm Gardens that does some innovative gardening (hydroponics, etc). It was fun to see all of the different systems and to see the beautiful plants they were growing in January (a rubber plant that had grown to the warehouse ceiling, a fig plant with figs, strawberries!). I told them they should come and talk to our Master Gardener group, it's a subject we didn't even touch on in training. They have a booth at the Garden Expo too.

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Thanks for the suggestion, turquoise. I am checking back on this post looking for suggestions for topics for discussion and any possible trips for our garden club.

Lisa in La Crosse

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jungseed(z4b & z2b)

I think there are going to be alot of new gardeners this year. At least from what I'm seeing here at work. How about a new gardener seminar. Could your group work with one of the local garden centers on this? do it on your own?
How to get new gardeners to your group and what you have for resources available to help and encourage them. I'm sure you'd all hate to see them try and fail the first year. I'm also sure there is alot of knowledge on what does and does not work in your area just within your group.

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Thanks for the suggestion!

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Last year we did concrete leaf casting. Today I'm working on making a garden sphere using an old bowling ball and pennies. I'm filling in the finger holes with mortar but leaving the thumb empty so I can mount it on a pole, maybe even copper! When you are done, you spray it to protect the grout and prevent the copper pennies from turning green.

If anyone wants more details, they can email me.

Another great place to go is the Flower Factory in Stoughton. Bring lots of money $$ AND vehicles because you can easily fill up a van with your purchases!


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