Heart Tomatoes!!!!

sprtsguy76(Santa Clara Ca. 9b)July 8, 2008

I'm trying several hearts this year and I'm really impressed so far. Ukrainian Heart (also called Russian Heart), Anna Russian, Kosovo, German Red Strawberry, Russian 117 and Orange Russian 117. So far I have tasted Anna Russian and Ukrainian Heart and they are both off the charts as far as sweetness and taste goes. I would definitely give the Ukrainian Heart the slight edge in taste and sweetness, but the BER that comes with this tomato sucks. No BER on Anna Russian. Cant wait for the others to blush!

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Ukrainian Heart (also called Russian Heart),


I don't think those two are necessarily synonomous. Russian Heart has a different background than does Ukrainian Heart although one of the two folks who list Russian Heart equates it with Ukrainian Heart in the SSE Yearbook/

There are two Ukrainian Hearts that I know of and have grown. One was received by me years ago from Jerry Murphy called the TNMUJ strain and the other one I got from Craig who got it from Tania O'Neill of Phildelphia called the O'Neill strain.

Jerry Murphy did contact me last year after a long absence and I do think I remember him saying that he originally called it Russian Heart before changing the name to Ukrainian Heart to more accurately reflect the origin of the variety.

Whatever! LOL They are all excellent IMO.

I'm a devoted fan of heart shaped varieties b'c I think they have some of the best tastes around and I'd like to see you try some of the following:

Danko, red
Anna Maria's Heart, pink
Wes, red
Tsar-Kolokol, pink
Tidwell German, pink
Yasha Yugoslavian, pink
Nicky Crain, pink
Orange Strawberry
Brad's Black Heart

....for starters off the top of my head.


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sprtsguy76(Santa Clara Ca. 9b)


I would love to try all of those varieties. I actually got my seed from Jerry M. So I think I've got the original U.H.
Thanks for the recommendations.


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I'm growing Wes and Tidwell German from seeds from Carolyn this year and they look great. Will try Anna Maria's Heart again next year. Have decided I'm going to cut back on varieties I plant each year and then plant at least 2-3 of each variety I grow. That way I will have one in reserve if I lose one and won't have to wait a year. Hopefully will have an opinion on them soon. Wes started out wispy and not real vigorous looking but doing great now. JD

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I'm trying Brad's Black Heart this year, and man, what a wimpy looking plant. Healthy as all heck with tons of flowers, that's for sure, but it always looks like it's crying in it's beer.

I believe it was Earl that posted a pic of one of his fruits last year which prompted me to try this variety in the first place. If my plant manages to set a fruit of that caliber, I'm sure it will continue to snivel for all eternity (if I don't put it out of its misery first). LOL

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tom8olvr(Z5 MA)

Ha! Subject line of the posting got me! Love the hearts!!!

Trying this year:
Brad's Black Heart
Cuor Di Beu
Dwarf Red Heart
Gran's Portuguese Neighbour
Jeff's Mystery Pink Oxheart - F1
Little Lucky Heart
Reif Red Heart

Would have tried more, but went over that 5 week timeframe in the house and lost a few - Red Brandywine Heart and Ackers Oxheart and a few others I can't remember now.

I'm pumped for the hearts (no pun intended)! It's tough because they all are sooo good!!

Please keep us posted on your experience with your hearts: Kosovo, German Red Strawberry, Russian 117 and Orange Russian 117. I've grown the Russian 117 & Orange Russian 117 and am interested in what you think!

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OK, now I have to know:

What's everyone's favorite heart-shaped tomato and why (for taste, production, etc.)?

Also, what is the 5 week timeframe? Do you mean 5 weeks from when you sow the seed? And what happens to the plants? (I shudder to think what the answer will be.)

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Never mind about the 5 week timeframe info - I looked it up.

Still want to know your favorites!

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Yes, definitely let us know how those others taste as soon as they are ready. I'm growing GRS and very eager to taste it. They seem to be very prolific. Like Holly said about BBH though, it sure looks like a sad plant. Maybe they should call them broken hearts?

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"Broken Hearts"...that's great! Well, at least now I know what it must feel like to be a bartender.

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tom8olvr(Z5 MA)

DonnaMarieNJ - I don't frequent this forum too often these days, but your post got me - I'm a fan of the heart! I started a post some time ago trying to get answers on peoples' favorite heart shaped varieties... it's attached. There are some interesting comments and favorites on there... You could start your own post of 'favorite hearts' if you want to see if anyone's come up with any *new* favorites! :)

I think as the season progesses, people will come up with more 'favorites'...

I personally am a fan of Anna Russian and Russian 117. For different reasons. I'm going out on a limb this year and I'm not starting/growing either one!!! Yes, I'm nervous! But I'm trying some new (to me) varieties.

Right now, this is what my 'hearts' look like:

This is Jeff's Mystery Pink Oxheart... isn't it lovely!?

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to favorite hearts

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