Does anyone grow indigofera kirillowii (false indigo)

jardineratxJuly 17, 2011

I was given a start of this plant a few months ago with no information regarding its care other than it blooms continuously and is very carefree. I repotted it into a larger pot and it is now putting out beautiful wisteria-like pink blooms. I want to know more about its care before I place it in any of my garden beds. Anyone have info on this plant?

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I never heard of it. Do you have a picture? (Normally,I just lurk. Been reading here for years.)

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

I have not grown it............only pink indigo, and this year a friend gave me a start of Himalayan indigo (beautiful plant, BTW), but I do grow false plumbago......does that count?????

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plantloverkat zone 9a north Houston(zone 9a)

I grew this plant several years ago under a large water oak tree. I really liked this plant - it did bloom a lot and didn't require any care. However, when we had the water oak removed, I transplanted the indigo to another bed that had no tree root competition. It started to spread so rapidly that I sadly decided to get rid of it. If I had a contained planting area surrounded by cement (or some other substantial barrier) I would probably grow this again because I liked it so much; but my experience was that without the tree root competition it was what I would consider invasive. In doing research, I found that there are several types of indigo, and some reported to spread more than others. Also, I seem to remember that some sources thought that the different kinds were often confused in commerce.

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This is a photo of plant I referring to. Sorry about the size,but I was unable to resize it.

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

Gee, Molly, that looks for the world like my pink indigo, and I have never found it to be invasive. I get so confused when plants look so similiar.

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bostedo(8a tx-bp-dfw)

Nice plant! I suppose any "indigo" other than i. tinctoria of dye fame is "false" in that respect, but wonder if 'false indigo' is a common name in general use for this one? Seems just 'indigo' or 'Chinese indigo' are used most often. I'm already challenged keeping the "false" natives amorpha fruticosa (false indigo) and baptisia australis (blue false indigo) straight. :-)

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