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weaponx88July 26, 2012

Question.....I have several tomato plants and most are in 5 gal buckets and doing pretty well. I had planted a couple of my favorites from seed and put half the seedlings in buckets and the other half in the ground. The ones in the buckets are doing well and have blossomed pretty good as have my other buckets. The ones in the ground are ENORMOUS in size and very green with nice thick stems and guessing twice (or more) the size of the ones in the buckets but have VERY few blossoms, barely anything at all but the plant itself looks absolutely beautiful in size and color. Seriously, why the difference??? You'd think the ground planted ones would be blossoming like crazy but it is the other way around??

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Because the roots are bound in those small buckets.

Plant your next ones in 20+ gallon Smart Pots with good potting mix and you have the best of both worlds.

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You say your ground based ones have few blossoms? I had this problem a few years ago; incredible plants, healthy, robust, dark green, and BIG! But few blossoms and few tomatoes. A master gardener laughed and asked me how much I had fertilized and with what. He told me to get a soil testing kit, which I did. My NPK were all very, very high. The culprit was too much nitrogen. The tomatoes put all their effort into growing, not producing fruit. Even if using the same fertilizer product in your garden and your pots, the N could be higher in your garden soil than the pots because in your pots the N will leach out faster. Oh...and I have had tomatoes (not dwarfs or cherry) produce very well in 2 gal pots on my deck.

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