Thunderstorm predicted for New Years Eve

happyday(WI4a)December 29, 2010

Has this ever happened before in Wisconsin?

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I know there have been thunderstorms in winter but I don't know if they've occurred on New Year's Eve. I did a Google search - without looking too hard - and didn't find anything to back up my belief, but I think it's all been done before... nothing new under the sun!

I'm looking forward to it though, I think a New Year's Eve Thunderstorm will be an interesting event that will bring back memories of summer's past and a promise of springtime to come. Happy New Year and HAPPY GARDENING...

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Check new years 1949 or 1950 NE wisconsin

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I'm southeast Wisconsin and yes, we've had them before. Also had a tornado come through Jan 2009. This weather just isn't what it used to be.

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