A handful of Gulf Frits are here

cynthianovakJuly 26, 2011

Finally, we have a few. Not nearly what I'm accustomed to. A few of the tiny butterflies too and a few giant tiger swallowtails.

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Nothing here yet, in fact everything seems to be in limbo right now, even the ghekos seem to be hiding, but did see a few birds this morning, but it seems so much less than before :(.

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A friend in Alabama said there was a virus two years ago that wiped out the cats. She ordered some and had some come back this year. I wondered why I didn't have ANY this year.

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

I have very few. They are not laying eggs on the passi.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

I'm very glad to hear there are some somewhere!

I've seen a total of four butterflies this year, not counting the 3 black swallowtails that eclosed early in Feb.. They consisted of one Gulf Frit, one Tiger swallowtail, one black swallowtail, and yesterday one Sulfer.

I've seen no small ones, no clearwing (or other) hummingbird moths, and no Skippers. The fennel, pipe vines and passion vines I grow for the caterpillars have not been touched. I sure miss their happy presence.

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I'm sorry to hear that roselee

I saw one frit yesterday. Didn't see any today. Occasionally see another. They are usually bumping into me by this time of year. Yes, I do have loads of passion flowers and vines for food and tithonia and cosmos and zinnias... #(


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PKponder TX(7b)

I've been seeing quite a few on the P. caerulea in the past few weeks. Not like last year, but at least I got blooms this year rather than just defoliated vines. My neighbor has maypops too, they seem to be enjoying those too.

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