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misterpatrick(4)July 10, 2012

Hello all,

I am looking for an ID. I have been going through the database but no luck yet. I purchased as a seedling last year and it did great but lost the tag. The plants I started from saved seed are doing great again this year with huge plants, tons of fruit and one of my earliest harvests so far.

The fruit can be seen in the photo below. It is in the center with stem attached. It is a black paste-shaped fruit that is slightly larger than the black cherries it is sitting next to. The leaf shape is standard. Coloration is identical to the black cherry. I've contacted the co-op where I purchased the seedling to see if they have records or can put me in shape with the grower. I'd love to trade these seeds but want to know what they are.

As an aside, the tomato on the right is a Flamme which I started from seed this year and have been doing really great.


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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

My best guess is Black Plum so you might want to check with the place you got it from to confirm that they were offering it.

Below is a link to Google IMAGES and hold you pointer over a picture to confirm what you're looking at is indeed Black Plum.

If you mean the data base here in the FAQ's, that's so out of date it's mostly useless.

the data base that you should be going to is Tania's T-base, and here's a link to her page about Black Plum"

There are over 3,000 variety pages, most with pictures and comments from others and then if you scroll down you can see where seeds are sold.

When through at the above page click on MAIN at the upper left which takes you back to HOME and see all the ways that you can search for varieties. When you know the name it's best to use the alphabetical method.

When trading seeds it really is important to know what specific variety you're offering so I hope that you can get confirmation on that.

As for me, for several reasons I don't trade seeds at all with very very few exceptions.

So my best guess is Black Plum. And the orange one is called Jaune Flammee, received in a huge trade with a Frenchman, Norbert P. in 1992 along with some other great varieties. TGS listed at first as Flammee b'c I forgot to write the Jaune part on the seed pack when I sent it to Linda at TGS. ( smile)


Here is a link that might be useful: Google IMAGES; Black Plum

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Thanks! I'm pretty sure it's a Black Plum as I am kind of remembering it. I'll see what the co-op where I got the seedling says.

I did mean Tatiania's. There are just so many black tomatoes and the search stuff could be a lot better. It's be great to do a filtered search.

Yes, the Jaune Flammee is a great variety. Great taste and a huge yield for me so far and it's early in the season. It's my first non-cherry/plum tomato aside from the Glacier.

I've been keeping extensive notes on the 30 varieties I have going this year and looking forward to some trading this fall which is why I want to solve the mystery ID. So far it has the most fruit on it and is looking great.

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