Just so Paul isn't so lonely...

ironbelly1January 21, 2004

Our friend, Paul showed enough courage (Is that the right word?) to bare his written words as a sacrificial offering for us to slash away at. He told us these were his thoughts for a February article. I posted a February column that I write for our local Master Gardener newsletter on the Iowa Forum. Following in Paul's footsteps, I am mustering enough courage (Is that really the right word?) to place my article on the sacrificial altar as well. I have already spotted a punctuation typo or two. Grrrr... (See link below.)


Here is a link that might be useful: February Article

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Ironbelly, You don't need any help from me. Only saw an extra comma or two but that's nothing. It's a well put together story with good images - It flowed from beginning to end.

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Very well written IB, with enough humour to add leven to the brew. It is evident that you write from "sod kicking" experience. My only criticism is the reference to communism that adds nothing to the general thrust and presents the only contentious issue in an otherwise pleasant read.

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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

Having a personal aversion to acronyms, I would leave out the 'TC', as the term appears only twice in your piece. Unless the term TC is all over garden magazines and informs the reader?? Good storytelling.

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It is funny that both Tony & Catkim both picked up on things that a little voice in my head mentioned to me as I wrote that article. I remember briefly pondering almost those exact thoughts. Of course, I forgot about them in the frenzy. This shows the value of an independent editor/proofreader.


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I'm not lonely, just intimidated:)

Nice article.

It didn't have anything to do with courage. I needed feedback. Most editors are (claim) to be too busy for actual helpful feedback. So I can only improve by being critiqued. Everyone here has done a great job without being critical.

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