Clethra Alnifolia

cynthianovakJuly 27, 2013

Any of you have this shrub? Spontaneous purchase this afternoon. A little rain is all it took for me to be ready to plant something.

Bees were all over the flowers and their fragrance is intensely sweet and heavy. Says it is happiest in part Sun.

Of course, I went to the "D" site and no one in Texas has commented. Did find someone happy with it in AL. Hope someone here has some information.

What part of the TX Sun does it want? I'm guessing morning Sun only. But it might want more.


Here is a link that might be useful: Ruby Spice

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I have "Hummingbird" which is a compact cultivar. I got specifically because I wanted a native that could survive in pretty deep shade. It's on the north side of my house probably doesn't get any direct sun. It's supposed to like moist, acid soil so I added a lot of compost and prayed and it's done fine. I do use soaker hoses on the foundation so it does get water in the summer.

I couldn't decide between it and Sweetspire 'Little Henry (Itea virginica) so I got one of each to see how each of them did. Henry has gotten a little bit bigger but both seem happy and healty.

The Summer Sweet is blooming now, later than it typically does.

One more thing to consider they break dormancy very late so not a great shrub to plant as a specimen. It need something early in front or alongside it because it's a skeleton for quite a while.

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Thank you Lucas. Does it bloom with no direct sun? Is it deep shade? or indirect or filtered sun. I'm so excited!

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surfbreeze(9 TX)

Here is a photo of my shrub yesterday morning. I love the fragrance. It gets morning sunlight; then a little break with an overhanging orange tree and an orchid tree; then a little more afternoon sun. We get occasional over 100F days and the high temps don't seem to hurt it.

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Thank you!
I've moved it around and the leaves do not appear to mind some afternoon sun. I've accidentally let it get dry and it comes right back. I think I'll put it in a place where it can expand and get mixed sun. Right now I believe I'll go with a place that has burned a camellia but keeps Lemon Lollipops happy. Does yours lose its leaves or keep going since you are in zone 9?

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