Re:Does anyone know what this plant is ???

tomasincasAugust 1, 2013

I have this plant that is growing very tall and I looked on the Internet for plants with large leaves,I found some one else who is looking at his plant ( looks like mine or very similar )and doesn't know what is is one got back to him...I have his pictures (2 ) that he posted. ml?sort=3&o=0#/user/fullerbunch/media/Beanstalk004.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0&_suid=1375366891664006946698136506041
Hope someone can look at it and let me know,his grew to about 15 feet..If this doesn't work I'll try posting a photo of mine myself...thank you

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Really? This is Paulownia tomentosa, invasive in the southeast and working it's way north.

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Ok ,Thanks,when I looked up Paulownia Tomentosa,they said Princees tree or Empress tree,I watched a short video,evidentally the adult tree looks nothing like mine...real small leaves ,heart shaped leaves and blooming blue flowers.So ,the way I see it is ,when it is immature as mine...only a few months..started watching it grow late April, the leaves are huge, some about 2 feet across and not really heart shaped as the adult tree is. I guess I should rip it out then...since it appears to be invasive...thanks again ....Tom

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