Indigofera is sick!

MetalMan2004July 10, 2013

Help me! I redid all of my flowerbeds this spring and everything is nice and healthy except the indigoferas. I do not know what subspecies (it seems there are a couple) but it gets flowers that are pink with a tinge of purple.

Everything around them is healthy. The best thing I can think of is they are not draining well enough, as there is lots of clay in the soil. I am not sure of this though because there are dwarf bottlebrushes right next to the indigo (which have similar water requirements) that are doing great. I did stick my finger in the dirt a couple of days after watering and it was still damp.

So, what do I do at this point? I am tempted to pull them up and put some better draining soil around and replant them, but I don't want to shock them anymore than they are already. Suggestions anyone?

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I finally looked this plant up online since I'd never heard of it. The information out of Missouri said it doesn't do well in high heat and humidity. That might be your problem.

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