Christopher Lloyd

inkognitoJanuary 29, 2006

This wonderful man has passed away. Go to the Design forum for a link to the Times obituary. As a tribute write something daring today.

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Christopher Lloyd was not averse to promoting himself or his unique style and anyone who read him or met him would know that this was due to a genuine passion that he felt compelled to share. He was not a manipulator and would say what he wanted to say up front, you may not like it... but..
compare this with an oblique enquiry about 'blogs' followed by a message about ownership of what is written here followed by an announcement of intention. Chris Lloyd would have done it differently and I will miss the way of a gentleman that he embodied.

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Nell Jean

Are we about to see the end of Original Thought and Inspiration?

We're now being fed links with terse little messages to sites that link to other sites. "Dumbing Down" is not the term. It's more like being fed Pablum when you've become accustomed to a rich and varied wholesome diet.

I now log to myself, using Notepad, saved in an ordinary personal file. It's quite clear to me.


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Nell Jean

Ken Druse was asked to write the obituary for Christopher Lloyd for the New York Times and did a creditable job in remembering him as a teacher who always enjoyed working with young people.

Scott Kunst in his newsletter lauded Lloyd for having "the vision and courage to champion plants like Wyoming cannas and Byzantine glads twenty years ago when most people were scorning them...."

"Gardening, like living, should be fun."
(Christopher Lloyd, 1921-2006)

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