Toad Lilly blooming

arcy_gwAugust 14, 2004

I got a few new plants a month or so ago at Crazy Days. The Toad Lilly has buds on it now. I thought this was a spring blooming plant. Maybe my memory is screwed up. If it is will this screw up its internal clock forever? I had a hybiscus once upon a time in the house that bloomed forever at odd times after a server pruning. Mn zn 3/4

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Toad lilies generally are late summer and fall bloomers.

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All of the Tricyrtis species (Toad lily) bloom in late summer or fall. Some species(cultivars) are earlier than others, you probably have one of those.

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are you thinking of the wildflower, toadshade? that is springblooming, but it also dies down by summer.

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All I know is I am excited to see these interesting flowers so soon. When I buy late in the season at clearance prices I assume I have missed the plants peek for the season. How exciting to be wrong. I need to go back to the books and see where my mind went astray. For now I am enjoying these spotted beauties! I am not too worried about it being invasive either. All it means to me is I will have plenty to divide and spread around my two acres sooner then hoped for.

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