Irrigation box extension for soon to be cactus garden?

NstyN8(8)July 3, 2012


I've decided to turn a portion of my front yard into a rock/cactus garden. The dimensions will be roughly 28'x25'x 5' x 15'. I plan to raise the area with cactus soil and make some rock terracing.

The issue...

I have an irrigation control access box that is slightly recessed into the soil a few inches. Where can I buy an extension, so I won' bury the box?


San Antonio

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Can you just raise it? I actually would consider moving it, do you want to be reaching into cactus or digging up the bed if you have to do repairs? It's fairly easy to move them and since you are going to have that area dug up do it now.
Tally HO!

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This is the front/side of the garden and I intend to hide some of it with a sotol and perhaps some small boulders. I won't have to climb through cactus. I can't move the box.

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ah, just buy a bigger box, they make them in different sizes but they can be hard to find. You can make your own "extension" by using another box. Cut it down as needed.
Good luck, show us pics when you get cactus in.
Tally HO!

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