Post your harvest pictures!

ally99July 4, 2011

Everyone post your favorite harvest picture(s) from this year so far! :) I've had the best luck with my Brandywine and Better Boys, though the extreme temps are slowing down the reddening process and making canning a bit more difficult. The first picture is my first Brandywine of the season. It weighed in at almost 3 pounds!!!! The others are just random shots from 2 different days when my harvest first started ripening. :)

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That is one large tomato, bravo.

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

Darn I think I have envy

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blessedfrog(7 DFW)

Beautiful - and I'm sure they tasted
even better than they look :)

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Aww, thank you very much! This is my 3rd year gardening. I learned from my "Dad" (my father-in-law) who passed away last September from cancer. I've missed having him around to share my successes, so I appreciate you all not minding that I'm sharing it with you instead. :)
This is my first year growing Brandywine, and I'm hooked! I've never tasted such a sweet, meaty, juicy tomato.
I'd love to see pictures from your harvests too!

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wertach zone 7-B SC

I'm jealous! :) My Brandywines aren't ripe yet and not much bigger than a baseball. They would normally be ripe by now, but Ma-nature hasn't been kind this year. That pic is like tomato porn..... Got to go wipe the drool off of my chin!

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Don't get jealous too soon! My most recent pair of ripening ones' skin split around the circumference of the mater. We had a big rain a few days ago, so I attribute it to thin-skinned heirlooms exposed to a lot of water in one day.

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that is one giant tomato. I will post my harvest pictures but not until another 3-4 weeks. I planted a bit late but most are intermediate varities of heirloom tomatoes. Following is my list that I have growing:
1. 1884
2. Brandyvine
3. Beefsteak
4. Cheorikee Chocolate
5. Cheorikee stipe
6. Black Zebra
7. Italian Pomodoro (dont know exact name, but green top)
8. Cherry (black and red).

I got 2-3 plants of each, right now they are flowering.

Thanks for sharing your harvest pictures, post more!

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Today's harvest:
Tomatoes from left to right:
Cherokee Purple, Big Rainbow, Red Brandywine, Big Sungold Select, Ola?, German Johnson Potato Leaf, Texas Star, Juanne Flamme, Legend

Texas Star

German Johnson Potato Leaf

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tomva(7-central virginia)

All of Ya'lls Tomatos look great,Here is some of mine that I made hotsauce out of,I've been picking buckets of them everyday,but now this heat has hit us,I hope they can survive

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Looking Good! Some mighty fine chomping to be had in those pics!

Passing through cooling off before a shower and a nap!

So far today ...

Mountain Glory, Jet Star and Brandy Boy ... another bucket+ to pick yet but it is hot and I'm spent. A bit more than last week, which became 38 qts of whole maters, 5 pints of sketti sauce and 7.5 pints of salsa, these will become sauce.

Fortex beans ...

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Wow, my excitement over my first little cherry tomato seems silly now... I couldn't imagine what I would do with a table full of tomatoes, lol... I think I'll get there one day though, in a few years when I have a garden, not just a patio :)

Seriously though, very nice y'all! I've got three more little cherries ripening this week and I'll post some pictures when they are picked just to make yours look even better :D

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planetes(7b (Cascadia - PNW))

cozy, out of curiosity how many plants to do you have in the ground?

I only have 5 plants (2 brandywine, 2 cherokee purple, and 1 that slips my mind at the moment) and Seattle's climate is a bit hostile to tomatoes so I'll be lucky to get any at all.

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Harvest from last week. Top left to right: Jetsetter, Bear Creek, Jet Star. Middle row: Big Beef, Dona, Big Beef.
Bottom row: Big Beef, Clint Eastwood's Rowdy Red.
The middle left and bottom Big Beef boxes are from the same plant. It was from 7 plants in all.

Yay! I learned (or relearned) how to embed a picture!

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lois(PA Zone 6)

Late to the harvest thread, but happy nonetheless:

Stump of the World, Cherokee Purple, Black Krim, and Kosovo.

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This is my first harvest of the season. Came home from a week long vacation to these. Great homecoming!!

This is when your tomatoes return the love you give them!! LOL

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This is it so far other than a couple of cherries and a zuke. It's Grightmire's Pride(seed from I had to bring it in to ripen the rest of the way so the dreaded doe wouldn't get it. She's already pulled a few smaller toms off of other plants. Everything is late this year because of the weather so we're really looking forward to our first BLTs.

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WOW! GREAT harvests folks! My teeny garden pales in comparison! Although I do have tons of cherries coming soon!

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