Transplanting Ideas for Former Garlic Mustard Site

misterpatrick(4)August 6, 2011

Hello all,

I just moved into a new house last spring. I have a small woods full of great native species. I also discovered a large patch of first year (non-bolting) garlic mustard under a large oak. I pulled all the garlic mustard in early summer but would like to get some other stuff in there to help invasives from setting up shop. I have tons of ferns, jack-in-the-pulpit, wild ginger and may apple. I was thinking of transplanting some of the ferns and wild ginger as it is a pretty shady area though I pulled a bunch of the young ash and other junk that was crowding the borders of the woods so it's a little more open now. There are already some jack-in-the-pulpits and ferns growing in the spot but I'm open to other suggestions.

The area had a lot of trout lily and bloodroot early in the spring, but they're gone now.

Any tips appreciated!

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All of those mentioned will do well. Just a word of caution in case you didn't already careful with the digging. It will unearth all those dormant garlic mustard seeds. You won't be done with them for a long time, so easy with the digging and keep your eyes peeled for any GM seedlings that pops up. Sounds like it's going to be a great woodland garden.

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Thanks for the tip. I don't want to go too thick with transplants so it's easier to get at the garlic mustard next year but I'd like to get some ground cover in there. I've been pulling a bunch of ash and other saplings which has opened the area up a bit and I know that is prime time for bird-borne and other seeds to get in there and cause some chaos.

Any tips for transplanting the ferns and ginger? I have several fern types including ostrich and interrupting.

I was also going to harvest the seed pods of some of the jack-in-the-pulpit and plant them this fall.

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linda_schreiber(z5/6 MI)

It sounds lovely! And you caught the garlic mustard early. Just be vigilant....

Most ferns, and ginger, will transplant easily in late spring/early summer or in early fall, as in chunk them out and put them in a new hole, water them in. The only concern at the moment is 'August'. You could move them now if that is easier, as long as the soil is good and the shade is appropriate, and you are willing to work some at watering. Or wait a month, and still water for a little bit, but fuss less.

Young jacks can also be moved this simply, in the spring/early summer. The larger ones that are flowering/fruiting are more picky. Once the fruits are fully red and ripe, you can strew/plant them.

I'm jealous of your woodland! Truly sounds wonderful.

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Maybe start transplanting from the outer edges moving in. The GM infestation and seeds should be less dense at the outer edges of the infested area. Use mulch. The mulch won't help much with stopping germination of the GM but will help your transplants and also help mark where you've worked and help make pulling up new GM plants easier. There will be new GM plants for a while as noted above but you did well by catching it before it went to seed. Bag up the pulled GM plants.

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I planted columbine in my garlic mustard area. They reseed so well and mine are blue and so beautiful. they are very hardy and will fluorish. sun or shade; doesn't matter to them. Good luck.

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