equinecpa(4)July 22, 2011

OK...I have my pumpkins started inside and they are ready to be planted outside. How do I accomplish this without them getting scorched by the 100+ heat?

I also had problems with squash bugs and grasshoppers this year (they devoured everything). Would I be best off planting them in a large container that I could move from shade to sun and perhaps away from bug colonies?

How do you all accomplish fall plantings without losing the seedling to this heat?

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plantmaven(8b/9a TX)

If you plant them in the ground...make sure the planting area is super wet. Almost soupy. Until they acclimate you can make some sort of shade for them. I have made them by making a wire hoop covered with cloth or paper. Or a teepee of sticks and wraped with cloth or paper

A friend in OK posted the following.

"I just discovered something awhile ago. THought I'd pass it on. The Zucchinis have been being attacked by those nasty old squash bugs BIG Time. I've been picking them off and squishing them and cleaning off the eggs from the leaves. What a pain. But I discovered that the two Zuchs surrounded by Lemon Basil had none at all."

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I was wondering if you have planted them and how it is going. I have some that are ready to go out and I'm a first time gardener and new to this Texas heat. Any info would be much appreciated. I'm wanting to start a fall garden but is it too hot?? What grows well in the fall?

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I planted them out about a week ago and lost them this past weekend...not sure if they got too hot or dried out between waterings but I went to water them and they were all shriveled up. I had them in a shady spot.

I have not been very successful so far with fall gardening.

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As Leslie Nielsen might say, looks like I picked the wrong summer to start fall gardening!

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