Burning The Midnight Oil

John_D(USDA 8b WA)February 1, 2004

I do my best writing between eleven at night and four in the morning -- perhaps because I grew up in a large, extended family, and that was the only time when I could get enough peace and quiet to think clearly and work without interruption. Now, when I could work at any time of day or night, I'm just stuck in that rut. (But I don't mind, because I have raccoons for company.)

Are there any other writers out there who do their best work at night?

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clfo(z7 with luck)

I, also tend to work at night. Because I was working full time at a garden center, my first book, The Cape Cod Garden, was written between the hours of 8 PM and 1 AM. But even in the winter when I'm not in the nursery I tend to be out in the world during the day, and in my office at night.

I have a friend who for years was an emergancy room doc who worked at night. When I asked him why he prefered that shift, he said that when he was growing up he found that only at night was it possible to have the house be "his".... and in much the same way the hospital was also his at night. Fewer people, no administrators, not as many distractions etc.

The inernet makes it even easier for night owls... no waiting for the public library to open for research!

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