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llbean(z5 MI)August 14, 2005

Labor of love... I started off like bubbleplumboff with just a small plan. Well it has now metasized in to a huge plan with lots of days of back breaking labor.. My husband just doesn't get it.. This area has been neglected for years.. there is rocks and bricks and chipped stone, beer bottles, cans, oilcans and small car parts in there. All this lives amongest the Ivy and the wild grape vines that have invaded every inch of woods. I have been ripping and pulling and tilling until my son can't take it anymore.

check out my work in progress.

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Flowerkitty(Z6 or Z5 SE MI)

It is coming together isn't it? Doesn't it feel good to get rid of the trash. I already see some lovely spots in your pics. I know how hard it is to make room for the good plants. Just wait til next year. Some of those cleared areas are going to yield surprise plants.

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Way to go, girl! You have done a lot of work and it's showing. This will be very nice when you're finished. I can't understand why people don't put stuff in the trash to begin with. We had lots of construction and other trash in the woods by our house and I'm still finding stuff they just threw in the woods instead of in the big dumpster. Annoying, but it makes you feel cleansed to get rid of it, doesn't it? Please post again to show us your progress.

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fusty_overalls(z6 PA)

interesting! what are the plans for the layered grey stone pathway? are you going to fill in between with rock? plants? mulch? i also like the posts. what are the final plans for those?

i like the corner garden...that's going to look great when it all fills in.

what do you do to keep the weeds from coming back up? i struggle with loads of weeds which come thru my formerly "wild" areas...i made the mistake of using fabric under mulch in one's only now (6 years later) starting to break down and allow all the great mulch i've been putting on it for several years to actually mix with the an' learn! :)

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