planting corms with a pre-immergent in the soil

ladyshadeSeptember 12, 2010

I planted a good sized area of my woodland garden three weeks ago with some beautiful plants. Several days later I sprinkled organic PREEN around to keep the weeds down. Now I have gotten some local Trillium corms and want to plant them around the other plants already in the ground. It has rained twice in the last two weeks to work it in. Am I safe to plant the Trillium corms or will it stunt or even prevent the corms from sprouting?

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I have not used that product, but I am under the impression that it forms an invisible barrier to keep these small seedling from coming up. For me, I would not plant anything I really cared about. Too expensive an experiment. Maybe try some jonquils or something readily replaceable to test your product.I have used Snapshot, and nothing new will penetrate that barrier, so I never use it near new plantings.

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Thanks for your thoughts ncrescue. I might plant one in this area just to see if it comes up, but I'm not feeling good about planting all of them. Think I will put them in another spot. Just wish I would have found them earlier so I could have planted weeks ago.

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