Trumpet Vine or CrossVine

Reese_F(8)July 9, 2012

I would like to plant something along my neighbor's back fence to help with additional privacy.(would like to to grow a few feet further up along fence height).

That back area get morning sun till about 2pm when the oak trees block it out.

I was thinking about either trumpet or crossvine or anything else ya'll want to suggest.

Thanks in advance.

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tx_ag_95(7/8 Lewisville)

Well, any vine will need to have something to grow on to grow taller than the fence. Is there an HOA or something preventing you from just putting a length of lattice-work along the top of the fence? In any case, the vine would need something to grow on just to cover the fence...and it should be something permanent or you'll have to do something with the vine when the fence needs to be replaced.

As for something else, I'd go with a short tree that maxes out at the height you want, so you don't have to constantly trim something back. I think there are some crepe myrtles that would work.

In any case, I wouldn't try to plant anything until fall, after it starts to cool down. July/August/September is not the time to plant anything permanent here, it's just too hot.

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Lynn Marie

You have a lovely yard. I agree with the suggestion above. If you plant a vine that grows on your neighbor's fence, when the fence comes down, you will lose your vine. Plus if you plant something heavy and it contributes to the fence coming down, he/she may not be very happy with you. If you can build a lattice fence in front (or even attached to the poles already there) you may be better able to protect the vines when the fence does eventually need replacing.

I think most will agree that cross vine is much better than trumpet vine. It is evergreen and much better behaved. There are a number of jasmine varieties that do well here too.

What about a skinny bed along the fence line with some medium sized shrubs and crepe myrtles?


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You are right about the trumpet/crossvine eventually being a problem with regards to the fence...probably not a neighborly thing to do.

I like the idea of some medium sized shrubs (red tips?) or even the lattice along the fence with something less invasive...but I need to visualize it better.

I think I'll look at some landscape pics and hopefully get a better feel for what might work.

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I think Crape Myrtles would look really good.
They are Deciduous, but so is Trumpet vine.
Trumpet vine is very very invasive and I haven't found a way to get rid of it.

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tx_ag_95(7/8 Lewisville)

Red tip photinia is NOT a medium sized shrub! It really wants to be at least 6 feet wide and about 15 feet tall. Any time you see it smaller than that, someone's trimmed it back. Granted, it takes a while to get that tall (mine were chopped down about 6 years ago and they're just now getting back to 10'+) and since they'd be against the fence, they'd probably only be about 3-4' "deep".

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What kind of soil do you have? Some names that come to my mind when I see your garden are Sweet Almond Verbena (Aloysia virgata),Bauhinia trees (acidic soil), Mountain laurel (slow gowth but evergreen), vitex and evergreen sumac.

Very nice garden, by the way...


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I have that wonderful clay soil that reminds me of a pottery class I took in high school...:)

I have friends over all the time that tell me what kinds of plants I have in the garden...I am very ignorant when it comes to plant names, so I have to look up your suggestions.

The garden has been a challenge because much of it is partial shade. The back fence does gets aprox. 4-5 hours from 8-1pm.

Tried growing climbing roses (yellow) but they didn't get enough sun and I was always fighting black spot.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

If it is a choice between cross vine and trumpet vine, I would take Cross vine. It is ultimately better behaved and beautiful. Trumpet vine can become a real headache and maybe a bone of contention between neighbors once the vine has made itself at home and its thuggish character is running rampant.

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It sounds like you may have an alkaline soil. That means that Bauhinias (orchid trees) may not thrive there. Here you have some links for the Sweet Almond Verbena, Mountain Laurel,Vitex and evergreen sumac:


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At first glance the Vitex kinda looked like a purple crape myrtle but much more of a shrub.....which might be perfect.

Looks like Vitex "texas lilac"? is supposed to be cut "dead head" to promote flowering....this might be helpful in keeping it at the 7-8 foot height level that I'm looking for.

Is Vitex a common plant in DFW nurseries?

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cross vine, trumpet vine pulled the siding off our rental house!
The fence will fall apart eventually with or without a vine growing on it. When it does, whack down the fine, replace the fence and the vine will cover the new fence.
Good fences make good neighbors. And a hidden neighbor is even better.
Tally HO!

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I don't know about the DFW area, but vitex is a very easy to find plant in Central Texas nurseries.


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Thanks Everyone! for the very helpful suggestions.

I think after looking at all the options I will go with a crossvine for the back fence area. The picture I posted does not show a neighbor's shed that I would also like to block off.

BTW....I have another little garden project that involves a pergola and 9 year old wisteria in planters. Should I post the question in the "texas" forum or the "vine" forum?

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